Some popular wirehaired dog breeds

Some popular wirehaired dog breeds

Wirehaired dogs are dogs that have relatively rough-feeling coats, which are usually a couple of inches long and coarse in texture. They require a little brushing and grooming and the occasional bath to keep them in good condition, but otherwise they are relatively low maintenance in terms of their grooming care.

If you are not overly enthused about the idea of a very shorthaired dog, but also do not want the hassle and commitment to brushing that comes with owning a longhaired dog, a wirehaired dog might be the right choice for you.

Read on to learn about some of the most popular wirehaired breeds of dog, and some of their key traits.

Fox terrier

The fox terrier is a small dog breed that can be seen in two varieties; smooth coated or rough (wirehaired). The coat of the wirehaired fox terrier is coarsely textured, with a thick undercoat to protect them from the cold. The top layer of the coat is stiff and wiry, and should be twisted rather than curled.

The fox terrier is closely related to many other British terrier breeds, and is lively, intelligent, tenacious and stubborn, with a strong hunting instinct. They make good family pets for active, fit people, and require plenty of entertainment!

Miniature or standard Dachshund

Dachshunds come in two sizes; miniature or standard. They are sometimes referred to as “sausage dogs,” and have short legs, with long bodies. Dachshund coats can be found in three varieties; short and smooth, long, or wirehaired. The wirehaired coat is a relatively recent addition to the allowable breed standard, and is less common than either the short haired or long haired varieties.

The dachshund was bred as a hunting dog, to scent and chase rabbits, with their unique long but squat bodies allowing them to fit easily into rabbit warrens and burrows to flush out their prey. Today, however, they are most commonly kept as pets, and both the miniature and standard dachshund is relatively popular across the UK in all of its different coat varieties.

Scottish terrier

The Scottish terrier, also known as the “Scotty dog” is a small black terrier hailing from Aberdeen in Scotland, and is a cute, appealing personable little fellow! Images of the Scotty dog are often used to advertise Scotland, or to adorn boxes of souvenirs from the country. The Scottish terrier is always black in colour, and their coats are tough, water resistant and very wiry and coarse.

Traditionally, the Scottish terrier was used as a hunting and flushing dog, as were most terriers, and they are renowned for their tenacity, pluck, feisty nature and territorial guarding qualities. They pack a lot of courage and personality into those little bodies! The Scotty dog is very popular among people who like to keep smaller dogs, both in Scotland, across the wider UK, and abroad.

Wirehaired vizsla

The wirehaired vizsla is one of the two vizsla breed varieties, with the other type having a short, smooth coat. The wirehaired variety has a water resistant, dense and very strong coat. Originally from Hungary, vizslas of both varieties are quickly growing in popularity within the UK, as they are calm, loyal, versatile dogs that are responsive and obedient.

The wirehaired vizsla was traditionally used as a hunting dog, and as such, they have excellent scenting abilities and strong hunting instincts. They are also renowned for being sensitive, loving, loyal and protective of their families, as well as being appealing and noble in appearance.

German wirehaired pointer

The German wirehaired pointer is a dog from within the griffon grouping, bred as a gun dog and initially used to work with hunters to “point” for game. Their coats are hardy and resistant to the very worst weather, and are water-repellent to a certain extent. The coats are double layered, with the undercoat growing dense and thick during winter to offer protection against the cold, but thinning and moulting out to be very fine during the summer months. The top layer of the coat is wiry and harsh, and should lay flat against the undercoat.

The German wirehaired pointer is intelligent, lively and active, and very determined to succeed when they set their minds to something! They are friendly, sociable and protective of their families, but are often reserved with strangers.

Jack Russell

The Jack Russell is yet another one of the terrier breeds that comes in a wirehaired variety, and is one of the most popular small dog breeds in the UK. The coat of the Jack Russell may be either short and smooth, wirehaired or rough, or a mixture of both coat types.

They are plucky, outgoing, almost fearless, and make for greatly entertaining companions; life is never boring when there is a Jack Russell in the house! They can also be prone to stubbornness, however, and like to get their own way, so firm but fair training and clear boundaries are essential.

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