Stud dog contracts and what they should contain

Stud dog contracts and what they should contain

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A stud dog is a dog that is used to cover (impregnate) a bitch in order to produce a litter of puppies. Generally, stud dogs are provided by their owners to offer this service to bitches owned by other people, if they have a particularly desirable or high quality pedigree male dog that may be in demand as the father of potential litters! The owner of the bitch intending to be bred from will then pay a fee to the owner of the stud dog for the stud dog’s services. As with any other exchange of services for financial reward, it is important that a contract is in place to ascertain what is agreed as part of the provision of the stud service, and lay out the expectations as agreed by both parties.

If you have decided to put your dog up for stud or are seeking a stud dog to cover your bitch, it is important to ensure before you go forwards with the service that both parties are protected and on the same page about what is involved, and this is where the formal contract of agreement comes into play. Whether you are seeking to draw up a contract of your own for stud services, or ensure that any contract that you sign is fit for purpose, this article will outline for you what should be contained within a contract for stud dog services in order to protect both parties.

Details of the dogs and people involved

The first part of the contract should indicate the details of both the stud dog and the bitch that will be bred to them, including all of the following information for each dog:

  • Registered Kennel Club name
  • Kennel Club pedigree registration number
  • Colour and markings
  • Breed and type
  • Microchip number or any other permanent identification details

The first section should also outline the details of the two parties making the agreement, i.e., the owners of the two respective dogs.

  • Full names
  • Full addresses
  • Contact telephone number

This section of the contract should also confirm that both the owner of the stud dog and the owner of the bitch have reviewed the pedigree registration papers for the other dog, accept that they are valid and genuine, and that they pertain to the dog in question.

Health and wellness

  • It is recommended that both dogs and bitches used for breeding are screened for brucellosis prior to mating, and the details of this test and the results for each dog should be listed.
  • The owners of both dogs should warrant that their dogs are both healthy and in good condition, with no known illnesses, health defects or problems, and that both parties agree this.
  • Any health testing that the dogs have undergone (such as for breed-specific predispositions to any health conditions) should also be listed, with a copy of the results for each dog’s tests attached to the contract.
  • Both parties should sign and agree that they have seen the results of the other dog’s relevant tests, and accept them as genuine.

Remuneration for the service rendered

The owner of the bitch will pay the owner of the stud dog for the stud service, and precisely what this costs and what the fee includes should be outlined in detail.

  • This should include how long the bitch will stay with the stud dog, how many attempts at mating may be undertaken, and any other conditions.
  • What should happen in the event that a pregnancy is not achieved should be clearly stated and agreed by both parties.
  • The owner of the stud dog should also sign a declaration that they will fill out all of the relevant Kennel Club paperwork to confirm that mating took place and that they recognise their dog as the sire of the subsequent litter.
  • If there is any agreement made between the owner of the stud dog and the owner of the bitch as to the stud dog owner being given first refusal to buy or choose a puppy from the subsequent litter, this should be detailed as well.

Declarations and agreement of the contract

Both parties should make a written declaration at the end of the contract, covering all of the following points:

  • That they have read and understood every part of the contract.
  • That they agree with all of the terms and caveats of the contract.
  • That they have seen any appropriate paperwork (such as pedigree papers or health testing data) that should accompany the terms of the contract.
  • That they understand the purpose of the contract and agree with its intentions.

This should then be signed and dated by both parties before any deposit is handed over, payment made, or mating is begun.



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