Temperament and traits of the Maltipoo puppy

Temperament and traits of the Maltipoo puppy

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A Maltipoo is a cross-breed or hybrid dog, achieved from the breeding of a Maltese with a Poodle, usually a toy or miniature Poodle. Because these two breeds of dog are relatively similar in appearance, the Maltipoo possesses a blend of appearance traits of both of these breeds, but the personality traits and temperament of the two breeds can be rather different! If you are considering buying or adopting a Maltipoo puppy, it is important to get a good understanding of the common traits of the two respective breeds within their makeup, and know what to expect from your Maltipoo puppy’s temperament and development as a hybrid of both!

Read on to learn more about the care and temperament of the Maltipoo puppy.

Poodle temperament and traits

The Poodle, regardless of whether they are toy, standard or large, shares some very distinctive character traits that will be passed down to any dog that shares their breeding. They are very affectionate dogs that bond strongly with their owners, and generally have open and friendly personalities, and enjoy the company of people. Poodles as a whole are also among the more intelligent dog breeds, so your Maltipoo puppy will share the intelligence, inquisitive nature and alert temperament of the Poodle breed! They are good at problem solving, bright and into everything, and require plenty of stimulation, both physical and mental. The Maltipoo puppy is likely to be lively and inquisitive, keen to play, and capable of learning a wide range of training commands. They generally enjoy the company of children, and will enjoy joining in with their games. Just because the smaller Poodle breeds and so, the Maltipoo, tend to be small dogs, does not mean that they do not have big personalities!

The Poodle also has a tendency to have a fairly strong hunting instinct and a tenacious nature, so be sure to channel your Maltipoo’s energy and keep them entertained!

Maltese dog temperament and traits

The Maltese dog is renowned for being a cuddly love bug that is never happier than when in the lap of their favourite person! However, like the Poodle, they are lively and intelligent, and require plenty of play and exercise, as well as correct training. While the Maltese dog is very loving, they do also like their own space, and may become unhappy in the presence of rough or boisterous children, and in some cases, may become snappy.

They also have a tendency to be fairly noisy, and are one of the most vocal of dogs, being quick to bark and not shy about using their voices!

Maltipoo puppy temperament and traits

The Maltipoo puppy itself is among one of the cutest you will find, even when compared to other puppies! Like both the Poodle and Maltese dogs, the Maltipoo puppy will be lively inquisitive and into everything, never missing an opportunity to play! They are also very amenable to learning from a young age, so you should begin training your Maltipoo puppy almost as soon as you bring them home.

It is also important to ensure that the Maltipoo puppy is well socialised from an early age, both with people and with other dogs. They should, if possible, also be introduced to well-behaved children as soon as possible, and given the opportunity to learn about appropriate play and interaction with smaller children. Because the Poodle side of the breeding has relatively well-honed hunting instincts, it is important to start introducing the Maltipoo puppy to cats and other smaller animals as soon as possible, and teach them that they are not for chasing!

Remember also that the Maltipoo might be rather noisy, and so you should seek to start conditioning and training your Maltipoo puppy out of inappropriate barking as soon as possible. Remember that the Maltipoo puppy is a rather lively creature, and so will need plenty of chances to exercise and be taken for walks!

The Maltipoo puppy’s coat

The coat of the Maltipoo may tend to favour either the Poodle or the Maltese side of their breeding, but nevertheless, both types of coats require a reasonable amount of maintenance! If the puppy’s coat is wiry, short and curled like the Poodle, they will require regular brushing and possibly, trips to the grooming parlour now and then too, for clipping and to remove loose hair that is tangled up in the coat.

The traits of the Maltese coat are that it is long and luxurious, and again, requires a reasonable amount of attention, including daily brushing and combing, and possibly regular baths and trips to the grooming salon too.

If the puppy’s coat tend to fall on the Poodle side of the spectrum, or is close-knit and wiry, the coat is likely to be very low shedding. This means that the presence of the puppy may fail to trigger allergies in people who are often allergic to dogs, but it does mean that the coat may be prone to matting and knotting with shed hair, and should not be allowed to get out of hand!



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