Ten reasons why cats make better pets than dogs!

Ten reasons why cats make better pets than dogs!

If you ever want to start a debate amongst a group of animal lovers, throw out the suggestion that cats are better than dogs, then sit back and watch the fur fly! Most pet owners, even those who own both cats and dogs, will have a secret preference for one or the other, and will often defend their opinions very strongly!

If you are fed up with hearing about how wonderful dogs are and secretly know that cats are in fact the superior species, you are in good company. Read on to learn about the ten top reasons why cats make better pets than dogs.

Don’t worry dog lovers... You will get your own back in another article!

10. Cats can be left unsupervised

While you shouldn’t leave your cat alone for the long term, it is perfectly acceptable to work fairly long hours or go away overnight without having to worry about your cat, as long as they are left with everything that they need. Cats are self sufficient and don’t mind spending time alone, whereas dogs get bored and upset if they are left to their own devices for more than a few hours!

9. Cats don’t need to be walked

Dogs need to be walked daily, whatever the weather and even if the snow is several inches thick and it is blowing a gale! Cats, on the other hand, take care of their own exercise requirements and do not need accompanying out for their daily exercise, leaving you tucked up warm in front of the fire during the worst of the British weather.

8. You don’t need to pick up after your cat

While you will need to clean out your cat’s litter tray if you provide one, other than this, cats take care of their own toileting provision, and bury their waste! Dogs, on the other hand produce rather potent offerings, and dog owners have to get up close and personal with it in order to clear it up safely!

7. Cats can live in the smallest of homes

Even the littlest of dogs need room to stretch their legs and a large enough home to contain them comfortably, while even the largest of cats is happy in the smallest of places! Even if you live in a studio apartment or a tiny house, the chances are that you have room for a cat.

6. Cats are cheaper to take care of

Even feeding the largest, hungriest of cats will work out cheaper than feeding a dog, and the savings don’t stop there! Everything about caring for a cat costs less than the equivalents for a dog, including insurance, veterinary treatments, boarding, bedding, and flea and worming treatments.

5. Cats are quieter

With the occasional exception of very vocal cats such as the Siamese or the Bengal, cats are very quiet animals who do not make a big noisy fuss! Cats do not bark at the sound of the doorbell, howl along to the radio, or otherwise talk back so loudly that your neighbours can hear them. Shhh!

4. You can fit several cats into your bed and still have room for yourself

Cat mathematics dictates that you can fit four or more cats comfortably into a double bed and still have room for yourself! Trying to squeeze yourself into bed alongside of a spread-eagled Saint Bernard dog, however, can prove to be more of a challenge and can lead to the odd sleepless night spend on the sofa!

3. Cats are not prone to rolling in disgusting things

Cats are incredibly finicky about their cleanliness, and spend large portions of their days washing themselves and getting their fur just so. Dogs on the other hand, heartily enjoy disgusting stinky messes, and will often make a beeline for the nearest puddle, pile of fox pooh or reeking, decaying carcass, and take great delight in rolling around in it, against the wishes of their owners!

2. Earning a cat’s respect is a significant achievement

Dogs are on the whole easily pleased, and a kind word or even better, a tasty treat will soon earn you a friend for life. Cats, on the other hand, are much more discerning about who they give their affection to, and you have to work to earn and retain the love and respect of a cat! There are few feelings more rewarding than knowing that a cat has chosen you to be their favourite person, and once you have won their love, cats are just as loyal and demonstrative as dogs; but only for their special person, and not for everyone that they meet in the street!

1. Cats were once worshipped as gods

This line says it all, really. Dogs might be man’s best friend, but in ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as Gods, something that cats have never forgotten. Quite where we went wrong along the way by considering that cats are simply companions and pets now as opposed to the regal, mystical beings that they actually are is hard to define, but the humble mutt simply cannot compete with this one! Meow!

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