Ten things you need to know about the Cockapoo before you buy one

Ten things you need to know about the Cockapoo before you buy one

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The Cockapoo is the UK’s most popular mixed breed or hybrid dog type, and they’re actually the fourth most popular dog breed or type in the UK overall, and so there are significant numbers of Cockapoos around.

There are a large number of reasons behind the Cockapoo’s modern popularity, and they are small to medium in size and so a good fit for many different types of homes, as well as having great personalities, outgoing natures, and kind temperaments.

If you are looking for a new dog for your family and are checking out the available options, the Cockapoo is definitely a dog to find out more about. However, you need to do plenty of research into any dog breed or type before you commit to a purchase, and this means finding out about any challenges or particular traits within the breed that might affect your final decision.

In this article we will share ten things you need to know about Cockapoos before you buy one, as part of your research. Read on to learn more.

The Cockapoo isn’t a recognised dog breed

First of all, the Cockapoo isn’t a dog breed, but a dog type. This means that they’re classed as cross breeds or mongrels by the Kennel Club, and there is no formal breed standard in place for Cockapoos to dictate what their looks and personality should be like.

The lack of pedigree status afforded to the Cockapoo is only an issue if you want to compete in formal dog shows or otherwise value pedigree registration highly, but it is worth bearing in mind.

You can use the following Pets4Homes page to find detailsof all hybrid dog types in the uk.

Cockapoo coats aren’t all the same

The two component dog breeds that make up the Cockapoo are the poodle and the cocker spaniel, and these are two breeds with two very different types of coats. Poodle coats are low-shedding and wiry, whilst cocker spaniels have a smoother, longer and heavier shedding coat.

The combined traits that any Cockapoo inherits from their parents can be variable in all ways, and the coat is just one of them – not all Cockapoos have a low shedding coat like the poodle.

Cockapoos can suffer from separation anxiety

Cockapoos are friendly, loving and outgoing dogs that enjoy playing with other dogs and that love the company of humans, but they are generally fairly intolerant of being left alone for very long.

Whilst a dog of any type can develop separation anxiety, this is particularly common within the Cockapoo dog type, which means that if you are out at work all day and need to leave your dog alone frequently, the Cockapoo might not be the best pick.

Cockapoos are given “F” numbers to indicate their ancestry

As mentioned, a Cockapoo is created from the crossing of a poodle and a cocker spaniel, then the subsequent crossing of Cockapoos themselves and sometimes, by crossing a Cockapoo back with one of their two parent breeds.

To identify how many generations of a dog’s ancestors were Cockapoos as opposed to dogs from either of their two related breeds, they are given an “F” number identifier.

You can find out more about Cockapoo generations and “F” numbers here.

Cockapoos need a lot of exercise

The Cockapoo is a lively, outgoing and high energy dog breed, and they need to be taken on at least a couple of long, varied and interesting walks each day.

This is not a sedentary breed that will tolerate missed walks or lots of shortcuts, so if you are looking for a canine couch potato as your next dog, the Cockapoo won’t be a good choice.

Cockapoo health can be quite variable

Cockapoos benefit from the hybrid vigour that is achieved from crossing two unrelated dog breeds, and this reduces the risks of hereditary health issues being passed on to the next generation.

However, the health of individual Cockapoos can be quite variable, and hereditary health issues carried by one or both of their parents can still manifest, so it is important to do plenty of research into Cockapoo health, and also that of both parent breeds too.

Cockapoos are usually great with kids

One huge advantage for families seeking a new dog is that Cockapoos are usually an excellent choice for families with children, and Cockapoos will often seek out the company of kids for fun and games.

The way that your dog is trained, treated, and their experiences with children have an impact too of course, but if you need to ensure your dog is good with kids, the Cockapoo is definitely a breed to consider.

They can also be a good fit for canine sports

Cockapoos have both high energy levels and plenty of wit, and they’re smart, forward thinking dogs that can learn lots of commands and skills.

This means that they’re often a natural fit for canine sports like agility, heelwork and flyball, and so a good small to medium sized breed to consider if you fancy having a go!

They’re very versatile dogs that fit lots of types of owners

The Cockapoo’s compact size, intelligence and outgoing nature makes them a good fit for a huge and diverse range of different types of homes and owners, from active retired people to young families to one-man bands alike.

They are also reputed to be a good pick for the first-time dog owner too, and are good to train with sufficient research.

Cockapoos are quite expensive to buy

The average asking price for Cockapoos advertised for sale on Pets4Homes at the time of writing is just over £800, which represents a significant financial commitment. This makes the Cockapoo more costly on average than even many pedigree breeds – so if you were hoping to save a few pounds by choosing a crossbreed dog, you will be disappointed in this case!

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