Ten things you need to know about the Siamese cat before you buy one

Ten things you need to know about the Siamese cat before you buy one

The Siamese cat is a very interesting and unique looking cat breed, which has a strong following of owners and enthusiasts that are vocal proponents for the breed and would never consider owning a cat of any other type.

However, the Siamese cat really is something of a “Marmite” cat too, insofar as that just as some people think they’re vastly superior to all other breeds, a significant number of people find the breed very off-putting, either in terms of their appearance or personality or both.

One thing that nobody can deny is that the Siamese cat really is a breed like no other, and if the breed has pinged your radar as one that you might like to own yourself, you need to make absolutely sure about whether or not this is the case before you commit to a purchase.

Plenty of research into the breed is needed before you can make an informed decision, and you will also need to find ways to go out and meet several Siamese cats and owners to get familiar with their traits if you don’t already know the breed well, and there is no getting around this!

However, this article will give you a head start and some pointers on the potential pros and cons of Siamese cat ownership, and some of the main factors you need to bear in mind as part of making a decision. Read on to find out ten things you need to know about the Siamese cat before you buy one.

Siamese cats are unique and very unlike moggies

Cats are as a species hugely unique animals, and a mass of contradictions; highly affectionate little murderers, very loving whilst simultaneously massively independent – the cat is the type of pet that nobody is ambivalent about, whether they love or hate them!

However, even given this fact, the Siamese cat breed itself is unique from that of other breeds, and they cannot be compared to moggies and cats of other breeds in terms of their core traits.

They are widely considered to be almost dog-like in terms of the demands that they place on their owners, and even their looks are very polarising in terms of whether or not they appeal to any individual.

Owning a Siamese cat is incomparable to owning a cat of any other breed, so don’t choose one on looks and think you’ll be great pals just because you like cats in general, or have owned a cat of another breed before.

Siamese cats are very popular within the UK in comparison to most other pedigree cat breeds; but this is relative, as moggies outnumber pedigree cats in the UK by a huge number!

However, in the pedigree cat stakes, the Siamese is the 7th most popular choice in the UK based on advert numbers placed on Pets4Homes, out of a total number of 64 different widely recognised cat breeds and types from all over the world.

They are a very ancient breed with a noble history

Siamese cats hail from the country we now know as Thailand, where they have a distinguished history as temple cats, living alongside of Buddhist monks.

They are also one of the oldest recognised pedigree cat breeds in the world, and whilst their appearance has changed somewhat over time, they still bear a clear resemblance to their older ancestors.

Siamese cats have a unique sounding meow

The Siamese cat’s meow is quite something in itself; they certainly don’t sound like most other cats, other than some breeds developed with Siamese input.

Their voices tend to be quite loud and the sound they make is very hard to describe, but once heard, never forgotten! Some people liken it to the sound of a baby crying, and it is quite piercing.

…And they also tend to be very vocal

As well as having a distinctive voice that not everyone finds appealing, Siamese cats are also as a rule a very vocal breed too. They will be quick to meow for more or less any reason, and sometimes they simply talk to their owners, with a distinctive and often large vocabulary! Some people find this endearing, whilst others will soon find it grating.

They can be highly strung

Whilst not the case for all cats of the breed, Siamese cats can be somewhat highly strung, and will suffer from stress and anxiety if something upsets their status quo or is not to their liking.

This can manifest as behavioural problems or obsessive behaviours, clinginess, or a range of other issues.

Siamese cats are highly personable and bond very strongly with their owners

Siamese cats are very people-oriented, and form strong bonds with their owners. They will generally single out one person in particular as their favourite, and feel no qualms about letting them know this!

They like to have company a lot of the time, and may be jealous of other household pets, or even people. However, they may also bond strongly with other pets they live with too.

Siamese kittens are born pure white

Siamese kittens aren’t born displaying their adult colours, and they only develop their colour points from a few weeks old onwards.

Kittens of the breed are all born white, and predicting what colour they will become as they start to develop their adult shades can be quite interesting!

There are quite a few hereditary health issues present within the breed as a whole

The Siamese cat breed as a whole is one that has a number of health challenges that can affect individual cats of the breed, and which prospective owners should take the time to learn about before they commit to a purchase.

They’re very rewarding for the right owners, but not a breed to choose lightly

For people who love the breed and go into ownership with their eyes open, there are a huge range of positives to Siamese cat ownership. However, if this is not the right fit for you, trying to live peaceably with a Siamese cat will be stressful for both of you. Ensure that you do plenty of research, take the time to meet lots of Siamese cats and talk to their owners, and don’t rush into buying a Siamese kitten too quickly.

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