Ten things you need to know about the sprocker dog type before you buy one

Ten things you need to know about the sprocker dog type before you buy one

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The sprocker is a hybrid dog type comprised of the crossing of a springer spaniel and a cocker spaniel, and whilst this is a crossing that has only become very popular in the last decade or so, it now makes dogs of this type the 32nd most popular dog breed or type in the UK overall.

Sprockers are very versatile dogs with a lot of good points and a high level appeal for many different types of homes and owners, and every year, thousands of families begin to look into choosing a sprocker as their next pet.

However, researching hybrid dog types like the sprocker is not always simple, and there is a reasonable amount of conflicting information out there about dogs of this type – as well as a lot of misconceptions surrounding hybrid dog types as a whole.

With this in mind, this article will tell you ten things you need to know about the sprocker dog type – before you go ahead and buy one. Read on to learn more.

The sprocker is not a pedigree dog breed

First of all, the sprocker is a hybrid or cross breed dog comprised from the mating of dogs of two unrelated breeds or subsequent generations of such – which means that they are not pedigree dogs, and are not recognised by the Kennel Club.

This in turn means that they can’t be registered with the Kennel Club nor entered in breed shows, and there is no breed standard in place to dictate the temperament and appearance of dogs of this type.

…Although the sprocker traits are more predictable than for most hybrid dog types

The sprocker’s two parent breeds are both spaniels, and spaniel breeds with a lot of shared traits too.

Whilst most experienced dog lovers could tell a springer and a cocker apart and their temperaments have notable differences too, the sprocker crossing is more predictable due to the many commonalities between the two parent breeds than is the case for most other hybrid dog types, from which the two respective parents tend to come from very different groups and origins.

That said, there are more potential parental variants in the crossing than you might think!

On the flipside, there can be some mixing of parental variants in the sprocker as there is more than one variant of both parent breeds! For springers, the parent dog may be an English or a Welsh springer, which are two different breeds, and on the cocker side, English cockers are most widely used in the crossing, but American cockers may be used instead.

Sprockers are quite economical to buy and keep

Many hybrid dog types are quite expensive to buy, often costing more than many similar pedigree breeds – but the sprocker is not one of them. This is actually a fairly economical dog type to buy, with sprockers changing hands for an average of around £482 each.

Sprockers are high energy dogs

Sprockers are very active, outdoorsy dogs that need significant amounts of exercise each day to keep them fit, healthy and under control. If you don’t lead a fairly active lifestyle and aren’t able to dedicate at least a couple of hours a day to exercising your dog, the sprocker would be a poor choice of pet.

Sprockers are also very smart dogs

Sprockers are also highly intelligent dogs; their two parent breeds fall in 13th and 21st place respectively out of a total number of 138 different dog breeds on the Coren scale of canine intelligence ranked by breed.

This means that sprockers are intelligent, quick-witted dogs that thrive on having a job to do, and that love to learn new skills.

Dogs of this type need a reasonable amount of grooming

Sprockers have significant amounts of feathering and thicker fur on their legs and chests, and they have moderately long fur in general – and are not afraid to get their paws, and everything else, dirty!

Regular brushing and combing is essential for sprockers, and they also need regular baths too. Some sprocker owners also take their dogs to professional groomers for regular clipping and trimming as well.

They are very versatile and can undertake many different roles

Sprockers are very intelligent and biddable dogs, which makes them versatile enough to undertake a wide variety of roles. Bred from two working gundog breeds, sprockers are well suited to such working roles, and they are also often an excellent choice for canine sports too.

They are usually excellent with children

Sprockers are generally highly personable dogs that are gentle, affectionate and fun loving, and they often thrive in family homes where the children will pay them attention and play with them regularly.

Whilst each individual dog needs to be assessed on their own merits, sprockers generally make for excellent pets for lively, active families that like to spend lots of time outdoors.

…But should be considered with care by first-time dog owners

Sprockers have lovely personalities, are good looking and very engaging, and so they appeal to a lot of different types of prospective owners.

However, if you have never owned a dog before, it is important to factor in the challenges of providing enough exercise and mental stimulation for a dog of this type, as well as the amount of effort and care that their coats require before you go ahead and make a final decision.



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