The 4 Rules to Picking up and Disposing of Dog Poo

The 4 Rules to Picking up and Disposing of Dog Poo

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Sharing your home with a canine companion is a huge responsibility, but with that comes an incredible amount of pleasure. Our dogs keep us company, they cheer us up when we're feeling down and they show us unlimited loyalty not matter what. They also keep us a lot fitter and healthier in both mind, body and soul. However, there is one thing about owning a pooch that's not that pleasant which is to pick up their poo when out on a walk!

One thing about dogs is that very often they like to find the perfect spot to do their “business” and are never happier than when they do. No responsible dog owner would go out on a walk without lots of poo bags in their pocket because to do so could well land them in a bit of trouble!

Below are the 5 rules about picking up your dog's poo and disposing of it correctly.

Rule 1 – Always Pick it Up

You must always pick any mess your dog does anywhere they happen to be when out on a walk. This could be on the pavement, in the park, along a verge or out in the countryside. To not pick it up would be very rude indeed because not only someone step in it, but dog poop can carry all sorts of nasty bacteria and parasites which includes the following:

  • Hookworm
  • Roundworm
  • Giardia

It is an offence not to pick up your dog poo and to dispose of it in a sanitary way which means you could be in for a hefty fine if you fail to do so.

If a dog sitter or walker regularly takes your pet out for their daily walks, you have to make sure they too pick up any poop during their walks which means making sure there are plenty of bags for them to use. The best place to leave the bags is next to your dog's lead, like this nobody will forget to take any with them when they go out for their daily walks.

Rule 2 - Disposing of it in a Responsible Way

In towns and in some areas of the countryside along trails that are often used by dog owners, there are bins which are there specifically for any bagged dog poo to be put in. If possible, using biodegradable bags to scoop up your dog's business, all the better because using them is far better for the environment.

Some people compost any dog poop they pick up whether it's around the garden or when they are out on a walk with their canine companions. However, there are certain things and chemicals in dog poop which might not be that good for your plants if you use it as a fertiliser which is something you need to bear in mind.

Rule 3 - What if Your Dog has the Runs?

Dogs being dogs love nothing better than finding something particularly disgusting to eat which can result in them having a very upset stomach. With this said, our canine companions can also have a bout of diarrhoea for other reasons too, but for whatever reason they do, taking them out for a walk and cleaning up their mess can be more than a little challenging!

Of course, the best way to avoid this from happening is to ensure your dog doesn't get the “runs” by feeding them a well-balanced and correct diet. But, dogs do get upset tummies from time to time no matter how careful you are and the best way to scoop their loose “doings” up is to cover it with loose dirt or sand before scooping it up into a bag.

It's also a good idea to take a little plastic spade with you when you are out on a walk with your dog just for this reason. You can pick one up from a pet store or cheaper still is to invest in a child's toy spade which is perfect for the job.

Rule 4 - Always Pick up Your Dog's Poo Even in the Countryside

If you take your dog for a long walk through the countryside, you still need to pick up any mess they make along the way. There may not be any special bins to place the bags in which means you would need to take it home with you so you can dispose of it in your own rubbish bin.


By far the best way to get rid of any dog poop from around a garden or from out on a walk, is to bag it correctly using biodegradable plastic bags and then to place them in the bins that are found along just about every road in towns and cities. The other option is to take the bags home with you and to place them in your own rubbish bin always making sure the bags are well tied when you do.



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