The Advantages of Adopting a Mature Cat

The Advantages of Adopting a Mature Cat

If you are thinking about adopting a cat from a rescue centre or cat shelter, you might not realise that adult, mature cats have the least chance of being picked for adoption. The unfortunate truth is most people see younger cats and kittens as being the better, and cuter option but in reality, older cats have a lot going for them and can be just as gorgeous to have around a home as a kitten.

Below are a few reasons why adopting an older cat might work in your favour and which you might not have already thought of.

With An Older Cat You Know Just What You Are Getting

Older cats have already grown into individual and very unique personalities. When a person adopts an older moggy from a shelter or rescue centre, the staff will know everything about the cat and therefore they can provide all the relevant information. This includes the cat's temperament which is crucial if you have young children or any other animals in your household. Knowing all this information helps you make the right decision as to whether the cat would make a great choice and become a valuable member of your family.

Kittens or very young cats on the other hand are still developing which means it is that much harder to know what sort of character they will eventually turn out to be. With an older cat you really do know and can see what you are getting. They've finished growing and the shelter will be able to give you all the information you need to know about what they like, dislike and of course if the cat you choose has any health problems.

Older Cats Can be a Better Choice Around Children

If you have a young family, you need to bear in mind that toddlers and younger children can be a little rough around kittens. This is never normally intentional and kids never really mean to hurt or scare animals, but they are still learning all about everything around them and this includes kittens. An older cat will be more tolerant, especially an adult that boasts a lovely placid nature. A mature cat will be more patient and flexible when it come to being a “manhandled” by any toddlers in the home.

It goes without saying that toddlers as well as younger children do need to be shown and taught how to treat all animals with kindness and respect.. Kittens tend to be a little more unpredictable and if scared or pulled about, might just retaliate with a bite or a scratch, whereas a placid older cat will probably just take it all in their stride – they might not particularly like it but they will be more likely to just put up with it.

Older Cats Are a Better Choice for Older People

There are some gorgeous calm and loving older cats in rescue centres and shelters just waiting to find new and caring homes. These very wise older cats are the ideal choice for an older person because they tend to be such loving pets. If you are looking for a cat for an elderly relative so they have some company with them at all times, an older more mature cat would be the perfect choice for them to have around the home. Naturally, the decision to have a cat has to be agreed with an elderly relative before you do anything about finding them one.

Older Adult Cats Are More Settled & Less Destructive

An older cat tends to be more settled and far less destructive than a young and energetic kitten. Kittens are good at destroying things, namely curtains, carpets and upholstered furniture. They are also pretty good at scratching any woodwork they find around your home. An older cat will have got all of that behaviour out of their systems. They may still explore their new home but they will do this calmly and not as frantically as a young kitten would do breaking lots of things in the process.

The other thing to think about is that an older cat will not expect for you to play with them all day but just every now and again. And once they have settled into their new home, they will soon find their feet and have their own personal cat routine. Kittens on the other hand, tend to be all over the place and they want to play all of the time which is not always that convenient even though it is fun.

Older Cats Don't Need All That Important First-off Training

When you choose to adopt an older cat it means that once the “settling in” period has passed, life will become a nice, calm and pleasant routine. Adult cats need far less care and attention than kittens do. They have their set meal times which is normally twice a day, unlike kittens who need to be fed small amounts more frequently. Mature cats are more independent than kittens, they know the rules about using a litter tray and the scratching post too!

Adults Cats Are Already Neutered & Spayed

Adopting an older cat from a rescue centre or shelter whether female or male, means they have already been spayed or neutered. This means you don't have that extra expense of having to have them “done”. A neutered or spayed cat very often has a much more stable and kind temperament simply because they have been neutered.

Mature Cats Are More Appreciative of The Attention You Give Them

Older mature cats are wiser creatures than a kitten could ever be. They know and appreciate all the important things in life – sleep, food, sleep, hunting, sitting on a lap for a bit of love and attention, sleep, food and so life goes on. An older cat appreciates the comfort of a nice warm home. Studies into older cats that have been “through the mill” have shown that when they are offered a warm and loving home, become super affectionate toward their new owners as if they want to show their gratitude.

Older Cats Tend to be More Patient Around Other Pets

Mature cats tend to have seen it all and unless they really do not get on with other pets, they are usually more tolerant of any pets they have to live with in their new home. If you already have an older dog or cat and would like to introduce a new cat into your household, it would be a lot easier with a mature cat will be easier than a young and boisterous kitten. A super energetic kitten might just upset the apple cart and destroy the happy balance around the home. The rescue centre or shelter will know if a more mature cat is tolerant of other pets or not so you make the right decision on which pussy cat to rescue.

Offering A Mature Cat a Last Chance Home

Sadly, it is the more mature, older cats that tend to be put to sleep first in rescue centres simply because of their much lower adoption rate. It can be hard to pass by a cute looking kitten and choose an older moggy instead. However, there are so many gorgeous mature cats that really do need a chance to show you just how much love they have to give, that it is definitely worth looking into.

All too often, mature cats end up in rescue centres because their owners went through a divorce or moved abroad. It might be because of the new arrival of a baby in the home, but for whatever reason, adult cats have so much to offer. They might not be as cute as a kitten but they are older, wiser and a lot more appreciative of everything they are given, which is why they become such wonderful members of a family.

Is it Hard to Get Insurance For an Older Cat?

The answer to this is a resounding no! If you are worried about being able to get insurance for an older cat you may be considering adopting, there is no reason to be because these days, many pet insurance companies are more than willing to offer very good insurance for mature cats. You can find lots of information online about the best providers and it is one thing that is definitely worth looking into when you adopt a more mature cat from a rescue centre. You can find lots of cats for adoption on our Pets4Homes website.



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