The Amazing Komondor Dog - Hungarian Sheepdog

The Amazing Komondor Dog - Hungarian Sheepdog

There are some amazing breeds of dogs around these days. Some new and exciting breeds, others are ancient breeds that have stood the tests of time. There are large dogs and a wonderful array of small dogs. Then there are the tiny, toy breeds which are supremely popular today. However, if you're looking to own one of the most exotic, amazing looking canines in the world, you need to check out the superb Komondor.

The Komondor is a true herding dog, they were used to protect flocks from predators in their native country of Hungary. They boast wonderfully calm natures and tend to work things out for themselves if they are backed into a difficult situation, making them extremely clever creatures. In Hungary they are still prized as a breed that's valuable at protecting flocks of sheep from wolves and other predators.

The breed has an amazing coat that resembles more a mop that fur, but this gives a Komondor loads of protection if ever they are attacked by wolves – leaving attackers with a mouthful of closely matted fur and saving the dog from any serious injuries.

By nature, Komondors are protective characters and can be a little aggressive at times which means they are not the perfect choice for first time dog owners. However, they are the perfect dog for anyone who has loads of time to spend with their pets because Komondors love to have loads of attention, they adore interacting with their owners showing an incredible amount of loyalty towards them.

The breed has to be one of the world's most spectacular looking dogs with their distinctive white matted coat that resembles dreadlocks, giving them such a great appeal, so reminiscent of the animated dog in the Magic Roundabout called Dougal. They tend to have white coats although there are some dogs with slightly darker shades too. These dreadlocks usually reach ground by the time the dog reaches the age of five or six. Under this amazing coat around their faces, are two very cute black eyes and a black shiny nose!

Gorgeous Little Fluffy Puppies

When they're born, Komondor pups have a baby coat that's soft and fluffy but at they get to around a year old, this all starts to change and the fluff begins to start matting up which then continues as the dogs get older. Their dreadlocks eventually become quite spectacular and sometimes need to be untangled, although the breed should never be brushed or combed out.

Komondors boast a grey coloured skin which can be seen in the parting along their backs where they coat naturally falls down onto each flank. A mature dog's coat can weigh in at several kilos and it covers them from head to tail in a really charming way. Many people when they first see a Komondor think their owners have plaited them up not realising this is the naturally matted coat the breed boasts.

Komondors Have Protective & Assertive Temperaments

These gorgeous looking Hungarian herding dogs have quite unique temperaments. They're assertive and very protective by nature, hence they make such great guards for flocks of sheep. Their coats are a great camouflage when they are protecting sheep too, they're pretty hard to spot in a herd. They are extremely intelligent dogs and have a tendency to “think” for themselves which means they are not a great choice if you are a first time dog owner. However, people who have owned a Komondor for a while, can vouch for their total devotion to their owners watching every move they make.

Grooming a Komondor

When it comes to grooming their dreadlock, matted coats, Komondors are relatively “low maintenance” because as previously mentioned, their coats don't need brushing or combing out at all. They just need to be kept an eye on and untangled from time to time. They should not be bathed too often either as this takes out all of the natural oils found in the coat which weakens it.

However, when a Komondor does get wet or is given a bath, it takes forever for them to dry out – you need to count anything from 24 to 48 hours for their coats to fully dry out which means it's not a good idea to get them wet when the weather is too cold.

The All Important Training

As with most larger breeds of dog, it's essential for a Komondor to be well trained and socialised from an early age for them to be more manageable. It is also crucial for a pup to bond with owners so the bond becomes so strong it is virtually unbreakable.

Rare Dogs to Find

Komondors are hard to find in other areas of the world apart from their native Hungary. With this said, the breed is gaining notoriety all over the globe because of its stunning looks and lovely, loyal nature.

Health Problems Komondors Tend to Suffer From

As with some other larger breeds of dogs, the Komondor does tend to suffer from hip dysplasia, which is a degenerative disease that needs to be kept an eye on. Because of the breed boasts such a thick matted coat, it is crucial to keep a watch out for fleas and to treat the dog as soon as you notice there may be a problem. The other thing that tends to be an issue because of the matted coat, is that lots of things get tangled up in it and this includes grass seeds. These need to be removed to avoid any further problems. For such a large dog, Komondors have long lifespans and reach the ripe old age of 12 years old and more if they are well cared for.

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