The Australian Terrier as a Family Pet

The Australian Terrier as a Family Pet

Australia is known for many great things which includes producing some rather good working dogs with the Australian Terrier being just one of them. If you are fond of terriers, these little guys will win your heart over in an instant. They might be small in stature, but the Australian Terrier is a larger than life character that's becoming a very popular choice as a family pet elsewhere in the world especially here in the UK.

As with many other smaller breeds, these terriers boast a pretty long life span which can be anything up to 13+ years when they are loved and well cared for. They are renowned back in their homeland Australia for being loyal, courageous and happy little dogs that are a pleasure to have around. Because of their size, they are a great choice for people who live in apartments, although being terriers they need to be kept busy both mentally and physically to be truly happy.

Cute but Sturdy Dogs

Although they are small, there's nothing wimpy about an Australian Terrier because they are very sturdy and strong characters. Their bodies are longer than they are tall and their coats can be anything from a sandy colour to a deeper all red although they can be blue and tan as well. They boast cute terrier faces with their dark eyes and small upright ears crowned with tufts of hair over their eyes which accentuates their brows in a really sweet way.

A Little Background History to the Breed

It's believed these little dogs owe their good looks and lively natures to several English terriers, namely the Cairn, Skye and the adorable Yorkshire Terrier. The breed was eventually recognised here in the UK back in the mid thirties. Just like terrier breeds, the Australian Terrier was originally bred to keep rats and other rodents under control and to herd stock on outback farms in their native Australia, but today they are incredibly popular as companion dogs and are often referred to down under as a good all-round Aussie family dog.

Wonderful Choice as Family Pets

The Australian Terrier has a lot to boast about because not only do they shed very little and have wonderfully kind natures, but they are also very good around children which makes them the perfect choice for people who would love to share their homes with a family pet but who live in apartments. With this said and like many of their terrier cousins, these little guys can be strong willed and determined at times, especially when they are tracking anything down which they adore doing.

As previously mentioned, they are a great choice for people who live in apartments in town, but to be truly happy, the Australian Terrier enjoys a more rural sort of lifestyle, chasing rodents and other animals which is, after all what most terrier breeds do best. Boasting brilliant hearing and eyesight, there's not much that gets past these little dogs and this includes people coming to your door or walking past your property. They may be small, but the Australian Terrier is a great watch dog and they'll quickly let you know when anyone's around.

A Strong and Robust Little Terrier

When it comes to health issues, the Australian Terrier is known to be strong and robust little dog although they do have a tendency to suffer from diabetes and some dogs may develop tumours at some point in their lives which is why annual visits to the vet are all-important. Other than this, they tend to be healthy and when well cared for, they boast long life spans which can be 13+ years.

Keeping Coats in Good Condition

Australian Terriers have short coats which makes them among the low maintenance type of dog to share a home with. Just a thorough once over once a week or so would be enough to keep things looking tidy. A weekly grooming session is a great way of bonding with a pet and it also means you get to check them over for any injuries, lumps and bumps which terriers often get due to the fact they are forever chasing things down holes and through small gaps. When it comes to bathing an Australian Terrier, unless they've found something particularly nasty to roll in, they rarely need to go through the ordeal of being bathed which many of our canine companions don't particularly enjoy!


There's no doubt at all that Australian Terriers are a great choice when it comes to family pets. They are known to be extremely patient and good around children and although small in stature, they are strong little characters that don't tend to suffer from too many genetic disorders although they do have a tendency to develop diabetes and tumours which is why annual health visits to the vet are essential. They are active by nature and like to be kept busy, but because of their size they are perfect companion dogs for people who live in apartments. All in all, the Australian has a lot to boast about, a great ancestry, a wonderful reputation around kids and an affectionate and loyal nature.



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