The benefits of jogging with your dog

The benefits of jogging with your dog

Health & Safety

One thing that many people appreciate about dog ownership is the fact that having a dog really does make you get out more and exercise, as dogs of all shapes and sizes need walks, an there is no getting around this! Picking a breed of dog that is a good match for your own fitness levels and desire to exercise is of course important, to make sure that you are a good match. For instance, if you own or wish to buy a dog of a very active breed such as a Siberian husky, you must be prepared to spend plenty of time out walking!

For fit people with fit dogs-or those who wish to get fitter and are prepared to commit to doing so-jogging or even running with your dog is a great way of keeping you both in shape. It can also help to keep you motivated when you’re not really feeling that keen, because your dog won’t want to take a day off!

If this sounds like your situation, or you are keen to start jogging with your dog-or buy or adopt a dog that will make for a good jogging partner-this article will share some of the many benefits that come from jogging with your dog. Read on to learn more.

Dogs are great motivators

First of all, if you want to commit to jogging regularly and getting fit, your dog is just about the best coach and motivator you will ever meet. If you get up one morning and feel completely drained and as if you would rather spend the day on the sofa, your dog will have none of it! Dogs are great motivators when it comes to exercise, and once you begin jogging regularly, your dog will come to expect it, and they will not be willing to let you get away with shirking one of your regular sessions, helping to keep you on the right track!

Jogging is great cardio exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is very important for both dogs and people, and jogging is one of the best forms of cardio there is. Jogging will help to improve your heart health, circulation and endurance, and it will do the same for your dog as well. Whether you want to jog in order to be able to get away with eating those delicious but fattening desserts, or simply to improve your health, jogging regularly at a comfortable pace for both of you will reap plenty of health rewards for both of you too.

You can regulate each other’s pace

When you jog with a partner (canine or human) you can both support and encourage each other, as well as regulating each other’s performance. As your fitness grows together, you will both be able to manage more-and if you are thinking of skipping the last ten minutes of your jog and returning home early, your dog will likely have other ideas!

Additionally, jogging with your dog will also help in terms of keeping you on track and not overexerting yourself-you might want to go for the burn for the last mile, but if your dog is flagging, you will have to moderate your pace to allow your dog to keep up!

Jogging helps to keep you and your dog fit for life

Getting and staying fit while both you and your dog are in good health is a great way to ensure that you both stay fit and healthy in the future, and fit people (and dogs) are much less prone to suffering from illnesses and injury. As your dog gets older, you will have to account for this in terms of their exercise-but entering maturity and old age at the peak of fitness will allow your dog to stay fit, and healthy, for longer.

A fit dog is rarely a fat dog

If your dog can jog with you for half an hour or an hour without finding this too much, it is highly unlikely that your dog will be carrying around a lot of excess weight, and jogging can help to keep both you and your dog trim and at a healthy weight. This again comes with health benefits of its own, and will help to stave off or avoid a wide range of weight-related problems such as joint pain and even diabetes.

Your dog can provide reassurance in out-of-the-way areas

Whether running alone or in company, it is of course wise to be speculative about where you go, with an eye to your safety. This is still true when you are jogging with your dog, but having your dog beside you can provide an additional layer of reassurance if you like to jog very early in the morning when there is no one else around, or if you like to jog in remote areas.



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