The Cesky Terrier, Eye Issues and Pyometra

The Cesky Terrier, Eye Issues and Pyometra

Health & Safety

It has to be said that the Cesky is one of the cutest dogs around and just like other terrier breeds, they are agile, active and fun dogs that like nothing better than to be kept busy. Native to Czechoslovakia, these little dogs are a popular choice of pets both in the UK and in other countries of the world because of their adorable looks and matching personalities.

Like many other pedigree dogs, the Cesky is known to suffer from a few health issues some of which are hereditary whereas others are acquired. Sadly, a few of these disorders have a direct impact on a dog's vision which if left untreated could mean they eventually go blind. Knowing about these eye disorders helps owners recognise when something may be wrong which in turn means getting a dog to the vet sooner rather than later. The quicker an eye issue is diagnosed, the sooner a dog is made to feel more comfortable and as a general rule of thumb, the better the prognosis tends to be.

Hereditary Cataracts

Older dogs are more prone to going blind because they've developed cataracts on their eyes and a sure sign of this being the case is when the lenses turn opaque and cloudy looking. The majority of older Ceskys manage very well and live out their lives very comfortably without the need for veterinary intervention. However, if a younger dog inherits the condition, a vet would recommend surgery in order to remove the offending cataracts which would restore a dog's vision before it gets too late to do anything about it.

Primary Lens Luxation - PLL

This is another hereditary eye disorder that's all too often seen in Cesky Terriers. If left untreated, a secondary condition sets in called glaucoma. PLL is a very painful eye disorder that needs to be treated as soon as possible to make life more comfortable for the dog and to restore their vision as much as possible. The good news is there is a DNA test available and any dogs known to carry the gene responsible for the disorder should be neutered or spayed so they cannot be used in a breeding programme.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy - PRA

Another hereditary eye disorder that's often seen in the breed, PRA will eventually lead to a Cesky Terrier going blind. Sadly, the breed is more predisposed to inheriting the condition than many other breeds. Early symptoms include night blindness and dilated pupils which generally start to appear when a dog reaches 4 to 5 years of age. Again, all Cesky Terriers can be DNA tested to see if they carry the gene responsible for this terrible eye disorder and if they do, dogs should not be used in a breeding programme and should be spayed or neutered to prevent any unwanted pregnancies.


The Cesky Terrier is also susceptible to a condition known as Pyometra which affects female dogs when they come into heat and where their uterus fills up with pus due to an infection taking hold. All too often the condition goes unnoticed, but there are obvious signs to watch out for which includes a change in behaviour, lack of appetite, an increased desire to drink more water all of which are early signs of there being something very wrong. Should a bitch develop the condition, it has to be treated as an emergency where vets would need to spay her, removing her ovaries and uterus as a way of preventing them from rupturing which could prove fatal.


The Cesky has to be one of the most adorable looking terriers on the planet and as a real bonus, they boast wonderfully kind natures too. Over the years, these little dogs have become a firm favourite as companion dogs as well as family pets with many people outside of their native Czechoslovakia. They are alert, active and great fun to have around and being terriers, the Cesky likes to be kept busy both mentally and physically. However, like many other pedigree dogs, the Cesky is more prone to inheriting certain health issues which are worth knowing about because the earlier any symptoms are recognised, the easier a condition is to treat and the sooner a dog is made to feel more comfortable.



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