The Differences Between a Balinese and a Siamese Cat

The Differences Between a Balinese and a Siamese Cat

It can be easy to mistake a Balinese with a Siamese cat because the main difference between the two breeds is the length of their coats. A Balinese cat boasts a lovely, long, luxurious looking coat, the hair is silky to the touch and they also have a striking plumed tail whereas the Siamese has a short coat from their noses to the tips of their tales. Both the Siamese and the Balinese boast lean, muscular bodies and they both have a wedge-shaped head with gorgeous blue eyes and cute darker tipped ears because both breeds have attractive colour points.

Is There a Difference in Temperament?

Character-wise, the Balinese is a very outgoing character, they love to be busy and are incredibly inquisitive. However, they are quite demanding by nature albeit they are extremely affectionate, loyal and intelligent felines. Just like a Siamese cat, they will wrap their owners around their furry little paws with no trouble at all. It would be fair to say the Balinese is a Siamese cat dressed to kill"" for a night out on the town with their luxurious long and silky coats.

Very much like the Siamese, a Balinese is an extremely talkative pussy cat although they do boast a rather softer tone to their voices. Like a Siamese, they also love and need to be involved in everything that goes on in a household. They get on well with children, other cats and even dogs because they are pretty laid-back characters by nature.

A Little Background History to the Balinese Cat

Nobody really knows how the Balinese cat came about although some people believe that maybe the breed was developed by crossing a Siamese with an Angora or maybe a Persian back in the nineteen twenties. However, the Balinese is considered to be a ""natural breed"" because the breed is thought to have come about by what is referred to as a ""spontaneous genetic mutation"" in the Siamese breed which led to them developing a longer coat.

What About Differences in Coat Colours?

There are no differences in coat colours with the Balinese and Siamese both having the same point colours which include the following:

  • Seal
  • Chocolate
  • Blue
  • Lilac

The Siamese cat has been around for a very long time and there are records of the breed that date way back. However, the Balinese is a newcomer to the cat scene although there is a mention of them that dates back to 1871. However, the breed was not officially recognised by the Cat Fanciers Federation until the end of the nineteen twenties. But it was not until the end of the seventies that the International Cat Association was to recognise the Balinese.

The first real breeding program for the Balinese cat did not really start until the 1950s when two New York breeders found two kittens born to a couple of Siamese cats that boasted long hair. The kittens were so adorable looking the breeders continued to develop the breed. The name Balinese was born due to the fact the cats were so elegant and graceful they reminded breeders of the famous dancers in Bali.

Is there a Difference in Their Health?

Both the Siamese and the Balinese, like many pedigree breeds do tend to develop some genetic health issues. However, responsible breeders do their best never to use a cat that suffers from any of these health problems for breeding purposes as a way to reduce the chances of kittens developing them. With this said, this is no guarantee that a Balinese or a Siamese cat will not contract a genetically passed on health problem but you should still nonetheless ask breeders for a health certificate. If they will not provide you with one, then you should not buy a kitten from them.

As a general rule, both Balinese and Siamese cats are healthy felines but they do tend to be prone to the following conditions:

  • Lysosomal storage disease
  • Feline acromelanism

It's really important for cats to have regular check up with the vet to make sure nothing untoward is going on and if there is the symptoms will be caught early and treated.

A Balinese Cat Needs More Grooming

Because Balinese cats have longer coats they do need more care when it comes to grooming. This is particularly important to prevent them from developing fur balls which they will do when they lick their fur to clean themselves. You should groom your cat throughout the year but even more so when the weather warms up and cats start to shed more. A Siamese cat would need to be brushed occasionally but nowhere near as frequently as their cousins the Balinese.

Which Breed Makes the Better Pet?

When it comes to which of the two breeds would make the better pet – the answer is both the Siamese and the Balinese are a lovely choice as a family pet with the only real difference being in how vocal each of them are. In general, both breeds are very talkative but the Balinese has a softer voice, but with this said each individual cat boasts its own unique personality.

Both breeds tend to have very dog-like traits and will follow their owners around the home and even outside whenever they can because they both love being a part of everything that goes on. Neither breed likes to be left on their own for any great length of time because they are both such ""people"" cats!


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