"The Importance of Good Breeding in Dalmatians

"The Importance of Good Breeding in Dalmatians

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A well bred Dalmatian can only be described as a gentle character, but one that boasts a tremendous amount of energy and playfulness. They are very dignified dogs bred to accompany carriages on their travels in times long past. Today, the Dalmatian has been a popular and distinguished choice of pets all thanks to the wonderful film the 101 Dalmatians.

Sadly, when their breeding is not as good as it should be, many of these lovely and unique looking dogs can develop some quite serious and unwanted flaws in their temperaments. With this said, they are pretty high energy and even the best bred Dalmatian if not given sufficient mental stimulation along with the right amount of physical exercise to tire them out, may well become a little destructive all due to the fact that boredom has set in. A bored Dalmatian can turn into a hyperactive dog and one that gets up to all sorts of things best avoided.

Unstable Bloodlines Lead to all Sorts of Problems

Because of the huge success of the Disney film, more people wanted to own one of these striking looking dogs. As such the demand outweighed the supply and this in turn led to there being far too many unstable bloodlines which along with too much indiscriminate practices when it came to breeding programmes or rather the lack of them, led to many dogs being born with flaws in their temperaments.

Typical behaviours that are commonly seen in poorly bred Dalmatians include the following traits:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Stubbornness
  • A tendency to nip and bite
  • Aggressive behaviour toward people and other animals

The rule of thumb for anyone who is thinking about sharing their home with a Dalmatian puppy is to do their research on breeders first and then to do it again. You need to know as much about the breeder as you do about the breed when it comes to choosing a Dalmatian puppy or you may find you end up with a four-legged problem on your hands rather than man's best friend.

A reputable breeder would be only too happy to show you all the bloodlines of dogs used in breeding programmes. They would be extremely proud of the fruits of their labour and therefore extremely satisfied with the puppies they produce. If you find a breeder is a little reluctant to give you any information about a puppy's bloodlines, the best thing to do is walk away and think about reporting them to The Kennel Club. They would be on the breeder's case and would check them out to make sure they are breeding their dogs in a responsible manner or not.

There are plenty of very good and reputable breeders in the country and although you may have to travel a little distance to find the puppy you want, the effort and time you put into finding them will be very well worth it. The reason for this is that a well bred Dalmatian is a real star and a pleasure to have around, without the flaws often seen in irresponsibly bred puppies. They are alert, attentive and just love being around people. Remember, not only were these lovely dogs used to accompany carriages, but they were also trained to be sentries and as circus dogs which basically means it's in their nature to be calm and clowns at the same time when they are well bred, happy dogs!

Dalmatians are Not Couch Potatoes

The one thing about Dalmatians is they are definitely not couch potatoes and being highly intelligent they like to be kept busy mentally and physically. With this said, they are a great choice for pets for first time dog owners as long as they have been well bred that is. They learn things very quickly (both the good and the bad), they do well when they are trained using positive reinforcement and being a little rowdy by nature, they really do benefit from being trained throughout their lives. A Dalmatian needs to be handled gently and never told off harshly because they are quite sensitive characters and if this happens to them, the result could be a shy and timid dog.

Fantastic with Children of all Ages

A well bred Dalmatian makes a fantastic friend for kids of all ages although they are little rambunctious so you need to keep an eye on them when they are around toddlers. These dogs would never intentionally hurt a small child, but they might just knock them over albeit accidentally which could end up frightening or even hurting a child.

Brilliant around Horses

A well bred Dalmatian is a “natural” around horses, they were after originally bred as carriage dogs and as such they are particularly happy when they spend time in the company of their equine counterparts.

When poorly bred, people find they have real handfuls to have to cope with which is why so many beautiful Dalmatians find their way into rescue centres. However, it is possible to retrain them and organisations like the Dalmatian Welfare offer the kind of support and advice that goes a long way in nurturing one of these glorious dogs back to being the gentlemen they were bred to be. If you think you'd like to offer a Dalmatian a second chance at happiness, you can get in touch with an organisation that rescues them and discuss things with people who know all about the breed, their strengths, weaknesses and their limitations.


There is no doubt at all that a well bred Dalmatian is the perfect choice as a family pet because they have so much going for them. However, when poorly bred, these lovely, lively characters are known to develop some quite serious flaws in their temperaments which can result in them being a real handful. If you are thinking about getting a Dalmatian puppy, it’s essential that you contact a reputable breeder who would be only too happy to show you the bloodlines of dogs used in their breeding programmes.

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