The Lovely Chinchilla Cat

The Lovely Chinchilla Cat

The lovely Chinchilla cat has a lot to boast about which includes being a pretty laid back character and one that gets on well with canine counterparts. The breed is known to have very kind natures and they make wonderful family pets. On the downside, these adorable looking felines do need quite a bit of grooming to keep their lush coats looking good and tangle-free.

Inquisitive and Playful

Chinchilla cats are great fun to be around because they are incredibly inquisitive and playful by nature and there's nothing they like more than interacting with people whenever they can even when they are in their more mature"" years. If you are thinking about sharing your home with a Chinchilla cat, be prepared to invest in lots of great interactive toys.

Chinchilla cats are also quite and placid by nature which is why they make such great family pets. They do tend to bond with one person and become incredibly loyal to them. However, they are not the best choice for families with very young children and toddlers.

Striking Good Looks

These lovely cats have wonderfully long and dense coats with a silky white undercoat that boasts a lovely black tipping to it. However, it's the breed's eyes that are so striking being either blue-green or a gorgeous emerald green which have lovely dark eye-liner edges to them that sit neatly above a delightful brick red coloured nose which is more pronounced than that of a Persian. The nose too boasts a lovely black outline to it.

In body, the Chinchilla cat has a largish cobby shape with a lovely round head topped with small ears, all beautifully covered in a lush, soft and silky coat that does as previously mentioned need quite a bit of grooming to keep it looking good.

A Little Background History

The breed gets its name from the Chinchilla which is a rodent native to South America' However, for all intents and purposes the Chinchilla Cat is a silver Persian, but many people claim they are a unique breed of their own. With this said, there is one very striking difference between the two breeds which is that the Chinchilla cat does not boast such a flat face as the Persian.

These lovely cats first appeared on the scene in 1882 when breeders attempted to develop a Persian cat with a silver coloured coat and they boast being one of the oldest breeds created by man. At the time they were called Chinnies and were the result of an accidental mating of a unknown stray tomcat and a blue Persian. The outcome of this mating was a litter of kittens, one of which was smoky coloured. The kitten was sold to a lady who called her Chinnie.

After this Chinnie was put to a silver tabby and the first ever Chinchilla male cat was born. The breed often goes by other names which includes ""golden shaded Persian or silver shaded Persian"".

A Healthy Breed

Known to be a healthy breed, the Chinchilla cat much like the Persian is predisposed to suffer from certain hereditary health issues which includes polycystic kidney disease. If you are thinking about getting a Chinchilla cat it's important to ask breeders if they screen all the cats used in their breeding programmes.

Because of their long, lush coats, the Chinchilla cat may also suffer from fur balls which can be life threatening if not frequently groomed. The other concern involves blocked tear ducts, but this particular health problem is not as bad in Chinchillas as it is in the Persian.

Caring for a Chinchilla Cat

Regular grooming is essential and this needs to be started when kittens are still young so they get used to the routine and all the tools needed to keep their coats tangle-free and looking good. It's also a good idea to wipe their eyes on a regular basis to remove any discharge that might cause staining under them.

Quick Facts About the Chinchilla Cat

  • These lovely looking cats boast a lifespan of anything between 12 to 15 years when they are well cared for
  • The Chinchilla cat is affectionate, loyal and clever often bonding with one person in a household more than others
  • The breed is known to get on well with dogs
  • Chinchilla cats get on well with children, but are not a good choice of pet for families with very young children and toddlers
  • The breed is pretty high maintenance due to the fact they need frequent grooming, but the more this is done the quicker it is to keep their coats looking good and tangle-free




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