The Lovely Silver Tabby American Shorthair Cat

The Lovely Silver Tabby American Shorthair Cat

Ranked as being among the most popular cats on the planet, the American silver tabby is a very striking feline. Not only are they gorgeous looking, but they also boast wonderfully kind and loyal natures and sharing your home with one means you'll have a friend for life and these beautiful cats when they are well looked after boast very long life spans.

American Shorthair cats boast over 80 different pattern and colour variations, but by far the most popular and best known has to be the silver tabby. It's their superb white undercoat that makes these lovely felines so striking. It enhances their silver fur, glorious black patterns and markings making them stand out that much more. This together with their friendly personalities has seen the breed causing quite a stir in many show rings around the world and in plenty of homes too.

Personable and Friendly Pussycats

When it comes to personality, the Silver tabby has the same kind and gentle nature of other American Shorthairs. They are known to be mellow and laid-back by nature getting on with kids, dogs and other animals with no trouble at all. They fit into a family environment whether it's in a town apartment or country mansion which is why they are such a pleasure to have around. Although their looks win people over, it’s their kind and sweet natures that everyone falls in love with too which makes them such a great choice of pets with people with young families and who share their homes with other animals and pets.

With this said, at times American Shorthairs can be quite independent characters because if there is one thing they love it's to be in the great outdoors doing what cats do best namely hunting. They are also known to be quite talkative and enjoy chatting to their owners whenever they can. Whether it's through their extensive verbal repertoire or by using body language, these attractive pussy cats always have a lot to say. Like all American Shorthairs, the silver tabby is a very intelligent feline which means they are highly trainable. In short, if you don't want your furry friend to jump on kitchen work surfaces, they quickly learn this is not allowed and the same can be said of teaching them not to sharpen their claws on your expensive sofa.

A Healthy and Robust Pussycat

The American Shorthair is a healthy and robust pussycat not known to be predisposed to any breed-specific health disorders. They boast long life spans and if well cared for this can be anything from 15 to 20 years and more. Naturally, like all other cats, they need to have their vaccinations/boosters and as they grow older, regular health checks at the vet are a must to make sure these lovely cats are fit, healthy and comfortable in their golden years. Any illness when caught early enough tends to be easier for vets to treat so the sooner a condition is diagnosed the better and the more chance your pussycat will have of making a full recovery.

A Little Background History to the Breed

This lovely breed can be traced back to the Mayflower when they were taken aboard ships with a specific job to do, namely to catch rats and keep the rodent population down during the crossings over to the New World. Once in America, these cats were used on farms for the same purpose which was to keep control of any rats and other rodents typically found in barns and sheds. However, it was not long before these attractive felines worked their way into other people's hearts and homes, winning them over with their great looks and friendly, loyal personalities.

After that breeders began developing specific lines focussing on enhancing colours, patterns and markings to produce some of the most attractive cats on the planet. These are the ancestors of the beautiful cats we see in so many homes around the country and in other areas of the world whether it’s in towns or the countryside.


The American Shorthair is a lovely looking cat with an amazing amount of colour variations. However, one of the most beautiful has to be the Silver Tabby with their superb markings and striking patterns. It’s their beautiful white undercoat that enhances and accentuates their coat patterns so well. However, it’s not just their lovely looks that has made these felines so popular all over the world because it’s their sweet, kind and loyal natures that win people over every time.

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