The Most Common Phobias Seen in Dogs

The Most Common Phobias Seen in Dogs

Some dogs are pretty outward going whereas other tend to be a little more reserved by nature and each of our canine friends boasts their own unique personality no matter what breed they happen to be. With this said, dogs develop phobias which can be due to not having been well socialised when they were young. It can make them frightened when they find themselves in new situations or around other animals they have never met before and they can even be anxious when they meet new people.

However, all is not lost because if you share your home with a dog that's scared of their own shadow, there are ways you can help them overcome their fears and phobias by giving them lots of reassurance and showing them a tremendous amount of patience. Below is a list of phobias most commonly seen in dogs.

Being Around other Dogs

One of the most common fears for many dogs is being around another dog which is especially the case if they have had a very bad previous experience. It could be they were attacked by another dog or just seriously scared by one. However, puppies are incredibly sensitive little creatures and all too often if they play too boisterously with each other which can result in them becoming timid. This can result in them developing a real and deep rooted fear of other dogs which can last throughout their lives.

Bad Weather

It's a well known fact that dogs don't like loud noises and this includes the sound of thunder. However, dogs can be frightened by high winds and heavy rain too and can get so scared they refuse to go out for a walk during stormy weather. You have to keep a good hold on a lead when you take your pet out in bad weather because when frightened, they may well try to run away to safety which in fact can put them in greater danger!

Travelling in a Car

Some dogs have a real dread of travelling in the car which could have been first triggered when they were puppies. They might have been car sick which is a negative experience that develops into a deep rooted fear of even going near a car. Some dogs associate going in the car with a visit to the vet which is another reason they hate it so much. However, this is one phobia that's easy to overcome as long as you make it a really positive experience by taking them in the car to a really great place like the beach or for a walk in the woods.

Being Around Children

Children tend to move fast and they are loud. On top of this most kids adore dogs and can't wait to get up close to a canine friend. However, a lot of dogs don't quite see it the same way or with the same type of enthusiasm preferring to run away and hide.

Cyclist, Cars and Other Moving Vehicles

Some dogs just cannot resist reacting to moving vehicles, bicycles and even joggers! All too often this can startle a dog which results in their cowering away or turning a little aggressive when they find themselves in that situation.


All dogs hate the sound of fireworks which can really send even the most confident dog over the edge. Making sure dogs and other pets are kept in a nice safe and quiet environment when you know fireworks are going to be let off is essential for their well-being.

Going to the Vet

Most dogs have a fear of going to the vet and have to be dragged into the waiting room with their tails between their legs! They associate these visits with nasty experiences like having needles stuck in them when they need to have their vaccinations. Then there's the poking and prodding that goes on which no dog enjoys unless they are being petted that is!

Metal Water and Feed Bowls

A few of our canine friends are not particularly fond of eating or drinking out of metal bowls because of the noise they make when they move around on the floor. It can even lead to dogs refusing to eat or drink any water out of them!

Strangers and People with Beards

Dogs can also be a little nervous when they are around people they don't know. This is a real fear that some dogs develop if they were not well socialised when they were puppies. Other dogs take offence to people wearing uniforms, hats or men who have beards! Hence the reaction many dogs have to the postman.

The Dreaded Vacuum Cleaner

Just about every person who shares a home with a dog, knows the sort of reaction they get when they take the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard. Dogs usually run a mile before this dreadful device is even turned on because they know what's coming! It's far better to vacuum areas when your dog is in another one!

Their Own Reflection and Pets on the Television

It can be very funny when a dog first sees their reflection in a mirror, but this can really scare some of our canine friends and the same can be said when they see another dog or animal on the television. Some dogs can get quite aggressive when this happens and go into an attack mode! The good news is this type of behaviour is usually quite short lived because dogs aren't that stupid, they look behind the TV and mirror before realising no other pet is on their territory!

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