The perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for the pet lover in your life

The perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for the pet lover in your life


So your partner‘s pet is their number one Valentine? Don’t panic! You can try to win them over this Valentine’s Day with a thoughtful gift that comes straight from the heart. From practical pressies to charity gifts, we’ve got you covered!

Custom gifts

What pet owner doesn’t love their pet’s face everywhere? There are some cool customisable treats out there for the animal lover in your life. The RSPCA online shop offers you the chance to get creative with pet pics and surprise your date with a personalised tee or sweatshirt - a super sweet gesture and your money goes to helping animals in need! If you're looking for something more discreet but just as adorable, a funky Pawsome Pet Tag might fit the bill — a small but perfectly formed V-day pressie. Or get in touch with the Wee Artist on Instagram for a beautifully crafted personalised illustration. 

Straight from the heart

If your significant other has a heart of gold and might like the idea of helping animals in need (as well as getting some cool gifts), we’ve got some ideal suggestions for you. Blue Cross offers a range of what they call ‘warm-hearted gifts’ (couldn’t be more perfect for V-day, right?) which give sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets exactly what they need in life - from a healthy start to a litter tray. 

Pick up a scent

Who doesn’t love some smellies on Valentine’s Day? Winter can be rough for pet owners that have to brave the British weather to go out for exercise or caretaking. Give them a bit of a pamper on V-day with a dog walkers’ revival kit from the Battersea shop. Their feet, hands and in fact their whole body will thank you! Turn the romance up a notch for your dog-lover with some extra-cute puppy-shaped candles. Although be warned, your Valentine might not be able to face burning them, they're so adorable!

A grand gesture

Some of you may want to go BIG this Valentine’s Day. Now that travel is opening up a little, it might be time to plan a holiday. A pet lover would no doubt love for their furry family member to be included, so why not book a pet-friendly holiday in the UK, Ireland, Italy or France? A romantic getaway is certainly the grand gesture that’s sure to have them swooning, and if you book a cosy cottage holiday through the RSPCA, 10% goes to helping them with their work. What could be more caring this V-day?

The Wild Card

It wouldn’t be a gift guide without a bit of a quirky wild card, would it? Not everyone’s a card player but wouldn’t it be sweet to present your Valentine with a queen or king of hearts with Fido’s face on the flip side? Gift them a personalised deck from notonthehighstreet — bet it’ll win their heart!

Classic modern love: socks and a mug

Gift your love with feelings of wellness and contentment this Valentine’s Day. Socks and a mug are practical, perfect for winter and they embody all things Hygge. Get your sweetheart warmed up with an ‘All you need is love and a …..(dog)’ mug, which lets you fill in the particular breed they have, to make it even more special. Or, give them the gift of happy feet this February with some fabulous pet pic socks — warm, snuggly and thoughtful, everything required for a happy V-day!

So, there we have it — Valentine's Day made simple for the pet lover in your life. It’s gonna be pawfect! Hopefully you’ll win some brownie points with these heartfelt pressies, but we all know the furries will still always come out on top in the love stakes!




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