The Reason Why Two Dogs are Better Than One

The Reason Why Two Dogs are Better Than One

It can be really hard leaving a dog on their own for hours when you have to go out for work. Many owners arrange for a dog walker to take their pets for walks during the day so they are not left alone for great lengths of time and so they get to do their business. Dogs can get lonely which can lead to all sorts of unwanted and sometimes destructive behaviours around the home. One solution is to get a second dog so they can keep each other company when you’re not around, but this is not always an option for many people and it does not solve the problem of letting them out to do their business, it just doubles it!

Dogs keep each other company

For people who work from home having two dogs means they can keep each other entertained while they're busy getting on with the jobs they have to do. Having a playmate around means boredom does not set in which could lead to destructive behaviours around the home. Having two dogs is also great when it comes to socialisation, more especially when you get the two of them when they are very young. It helps a dog get used to being around other animals, dogs and even people because they have always had another four-legged friend by their side.

However, there is also a downside to sharing a home with two or more dogs which is that if one of the dogs is naughty, they might end up teaching their pals to act in the same way which is why it's important to gently lay down the ground rules right from the word go and to establish that you are the alpha dog.

Helping an insecure dog be more outgoing

Some dogs can be a little insecure in certain situations and when they are around people they have never met before. If they have a canine companion around, it can help them get over their stress and anxiety by instilling a little more confidence in them. With this said, dogs tend to feed off each other which means if one dogs gets excited so will the other dog and if one of them gets nervous, their pal might too and the same can be said of aggression. As such, early training and socialisation are essential when sharing a home with two dogs more especially if one of them is anxious by nature.

Two dogs offer more companionship

As previously mentioned having two dogs around means they can keep each other company, but it also means they provide more company and entertainment for their owners too. All dogs have their own personalities and sharing a home with two characters can prove extremely rewarding as well as being a lot of fun.

What about the drawbacks

Owning one dog is a huge responsibility and it doubles when you decide to share your home with two canine companions. The costs of keeping them rises and then there are the potential extra vet bills to consider not to mention insurance premiums. The other thing to consider is that if you get two puppies, then it's double the work when it comes to housetraining them and if one of them is naughty and messy, the other puppy might follow suit which means a little more patience and work.

If you decide to get another dog when your original dog is that much older, you should never leave them on their own together until you know they are going to be okay on their own when you are not around. The thing to bear in mind is that dogs can be territorial and therefore your original dog might want to put the new arrival in their place which could end up with a big vet bill.


Owning a dog is a massive responsibility that brings a lot of pleasure with it. Dogs keep owners on their toes and entertained, in return their owners take very good care of them. Deciding to get two dogs does have its advantages with the main one being that your pets will always keep each other company when you are not around. However, sharing a home with two dogs doubles your costs which is something that should never be taken too lightly.

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