The Ten Laziest Cat Breeds

The Ten Laziest Cat Breeds

Some cats are energetic, always wanting to be playing, hunting, or getting into trouble. There are owners like this type of cat of course. But if you prefer a laid back, relaxed sort of cat which likes nothing better than to snooze all day or sit on your lap, then one of the following b reeds may be right for you...

1. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll, as its name suggests, is known to be a relaxed sort of cat that just flops in its owner's arms. While these cats are not as 'floppy' and doll-like as was originally believed, they are certainly not energetic. They like to lie around, and their favourite 'activity' is probably being picked up and petted by their owners. So if you want to a cat to relax with after a hard day's work, the Ragdoll may be the breed for you.

2. Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin is very similar to the Ragdoll. Indeed, the Ragamuffin only developed as a separate breed when some breeders wanted to develop colours that simply weren't allowed in the Ragdoll Standard of Points. So, being more or less a Ragdoll in disguise, the Ragamuffin has a similar personality. Thus it is again a breed which likes to relax, and is content to simply laze around, only getting up for food and to be petted. If this sounds like your idea of what a cat should be, the Ragamuffin should be right for you.

3. Persian

Most Persians are calm, tranquil, and simply want a quiet life. These long haired cats are not built for high energy activity, and most of them never even try to be active. I had a Persian which used to just walk around the house purring loudly, then settle down, carrying on with the purring. This is fairly typical. Of course, having a Persian involves quite a lot of work, since that long coat will probably need daily grooming, perhaps even twice daily for some individuals. But if you can manage that, but want a lazy cat, then the Persian could be your ideal breed.

4. Exotic

The Exotic is simply a short haired Persian. The breed was developed to cater for the people who loved the Persian personality, but wanted a coat which was easier to cope with. If that describes you, then the Exotic may well be your type of cat. Like the Persian, these cats don't do activity, but simply want to laze around, looking beautiful and being petted.

5. British Shorthair

British short haired cats are fairly easy to find, being one of the most popular breeds in this country. They are not quite as lazy as Ragdolls and Persians, but certainly qualify as inactive cats which prefer lying on the sofa to running round the garden. So if you want an easy-to-find breed which is going to be fairly relaxed, look for a British.

6. Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is a fairly new breed, and has been outcrossed to the Persian and the British to increase the gene pool. Therefore these unusual looking cats share the characteristics of both, being gentle, laid back, and fairly inactive. They come in both long haired and short haired varieties, and while the long haired Selkirk Rex looks more exotic, many of these cats require a lot of grooming. The short haired Selkirk Rex, on the other hand, is a very low maintenance sort of cat. Both are lovely, friendly, and deserve to be more popular. So if you want a laid back cat which attracts people with its unusual looks, got for a Selkirk Rex.

7. Birman

The Birman is an incredibly beautiful cat, with its Siamese-type points, blue eyes, and snow white paws. It is also very gentle and inactive. So if you want a relaxed cat which will turn heads wherever it goes, this could well be the breed for you.

8. Russian Blue

These lovely cats are very independent, but also quite happy living in a flat or very small house. They don't want a lot of activity and are also quite happy to be alone, without constant attention from an owner. So if you work long hours, and want a cat which can manage alone, you might be very happy with a Russian Blue.

9. Korat

The Korat is a lot like the Russian Blue, both in its looks and personality. The Korat is a real home loving cat, which just wants to relax with its owner. These cats are good for someone living alone, or for a quiet household, s they don't like either activity of hustle and bustle. So if this describes your household, you might want to get a Korat.

10. Maine Coon

This gentle giant of the cat world is full of personality, and likes to talk a lot. But despite this, the majority of Maine Coons prefer peace and quiet to a great deal of activity. They love settling down peacefully with their owners, and will often have long conversations with them, which might make you wish you could understand the Maine Coon language! So if you want a laid back cat with a huge personality, get a Maine Coon.


The above will hopefully give you an idea of what cat breeds will be best if you are looking for a laid back sort of cat. But do bear in mind that individual cats vary, sometimes quite a lot. There are energetic Maine Coons, demanding Russian Blues, and playful Ragdolls. So don't assume that every member of a particular breed will be exactly as expected. But then, that's the fun thing about cats; you never really know what they are going to be like until you have taken one home and fallen in love with it – and then of course it is too late. But in this case you shouldn't need to worry too much. Most cats, even the most energetic ones, love to relax sometimes. So if you want a laid back cat, simply provide a comfortable bed, some warmth, and a loving owner. I think you will find that almost every cat will respond to that.



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