The top 5 dog breeds that will make you smile

The top 5 dog breeds that will make you smile

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Anyone who owns a dog or spends a reasonable amount of time around dogs will know that they can really boost your mood, make you smile, and cheer you up if you’re feeling a little bit down. There is a very good reason that dogs are commonly used to assist people with disabilities, and it is not just down to the fact that they can perform as the eyes and ears of people with impaired senses-dogs can also help to boost confidence, provide valuable companionship and lift your mood, all of which mean that assistance dogs do much more than just help people to get around safely!

The depression-lifting and mood-boosting abilities of dogs are well known in their own right too, and today, some dogs are actually used specifically for therapy as well as trained to work as assistance animals-the benefits of spending time with dogs cannot be overlooked, particularly for people suffering from depression, those with communications problems such as autism, and people recovering from medical treatment.

However, you don’t need to seek out a specially trained therapy dog to enjoy a little canine therapy-pet dogs are also excellent at making people smile too! If you are looking for a happy, outgoing, loving and cheerful dog that will make you smile and lift your mood when you’re feeling down, any dog will do-but check out our list of the most popular top five dog breeds that will make you smile. Read on to learn more!

The Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever is among the best known and most popular of all dog breeds, and can fairly be considered as the ambassador of the canine community! They are medium sized and full of beans, making for great exercise companions for people who like to be outdoors! They are also very loving and affectionate and usually delighted to meet new people. It is often said that Labradors will befriend anyone who offers them food, but in truth, they will generally simply befriend anyone at all-and they are also excellent at being kind, calm and gentle with small children, or people who are nervous of dogs.

The Pug

The small, rotund Pug has a fairly comical expression, with their short, squashy faces and curly tails, and they generally live up to their appearance too, being fun loving, entertaining, and having a real sense of humour! Often, just the sight of a pug’s smiling face is enough to lift your mood, and as well as being funny and enjoying acting the fool to entertain, they also love to snuggle up in a warm lap and enjoy some fuss.

The Springer spaniel

The Springer spaniel has a long history in the UK as a lively, active working dog, which loves to be outside and have something to do! They do not tend to thrive without a busy, active life, and one of their favourite things is meeting new people (and dogs) and socialising, and they are very loving and affectionate with people from all walks of life, and of all ages. If you’re looking for a dog that will make you get out of bed to take them walking and playing even when you don’t really feel like it, the Springer spaniel might be for you!

While springers don’t need to live in a huge home as long as they get properly walked regularly and lead a full, active life, they do not tend to thrive in very small flats or apartments either, so ensure that you have enough room to accommodate their large personalities!

The Hungarian Vizsla

The Hungarian Vizsla is a handsome red-coated dog from the pointer grouping, which is an excellent all-rounder and makes for a good agility dog, working dog, or simple companion and walking partner. They are very soulful and affectionate dogs who thrive when loved and given lots of attention, and they are generally happy in all sorts of situations, including flumping out on the sofa or having an action-packed day out at the park!

The Golden retriever

The Golden retriever is a large and very distinctive dog breed with a long, wavy and very dense coat, which is just made for petting! Not only is the golden retriever eminently huggable, but they are also fun loving, outgoing and great company, enjoying playing and messing around with people of all ages, down to the youngest of children to those with special needs. They like to spend plenty of time playing and exercising, and will generally force you getting up from off the sofa to walk them, whatever the weather!

They also enjoy quiet time and lots of affection from their families too, and they tend to be highly social dogs that thrive on meeting new people and dogs to play with.



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