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The UK’s Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

The UK’s Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Breed Facts

There are of course hundreds of different breeds of cat in the world, with new breeds becoming recognised formally every few years. Just as with anything else, interest in unusual breeds is generally high, and even among established cat breeds, the popularity of any breed changes year on year. If you are wondering what breeds of cat are popular at the moment, and what breeds are rising to prominence within the UK, we have compiled a list of the ten most popular cat breeds, based both on number of searches and adverts per breed, here on Pets4Homes.

1. The Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is classed as a hybrid breed, produced from the crossing of domestic cats (often Siamese) with the Asian Leopard Cat. The Asian Leopard cat gives the Bengal its beautiful and distinctive coat pattern, and sleek, silky fur. Bengal cats are usually described with an “F” number, such as F2, F3, or F4. This refers to how many generations distant from the original wild cat crossing it is, and so, what percentage of the cat’s makeup is Asian Leopard. The price of Bengal cats tends to range according to their “F” number, with lower numbers (more closely related to the Asian Leopard Cat) being classed as more valuable.

2. The British Shorthair

One of our native cat breeds, the British Shorthair remains popular year on year, and is one of the breeds most commonly bred for showing. The British Shorthair has a thick, plush coat that just begs to be stroked, and is a stocky, muscular cat with a solid build and rounded appearance.

3. The Persian cat

The beautiful Persian cat is instantly recognisable for its short-muzzled squashed-looking face, and of course, its long luxurious fur! The appearance of the Persian cat that we are most familiar with today is called the Peke-faced Persian, but a more traditional variety with a delicate face that has a normal conformation is also available, known as the Doll-faced Persian.

4. The Siamese cat

The exotic and unusual Siamese cat really is a cat like no other! Slinky, muscular and lean, the Siamese has a distinctive triangular-shaped face, large ears, and soft, strokable fur! They are renowned for forming very strong bonds with their owners, and will often follow their favourite people around like a dog! They also have a very distinctive meow, which has been likened to the sound of a crying baby!

5. The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll has masses of cute-appeal, being a relatively large cat with a long fluffy coat, and an incredibly sweet temperament. They are named the “Ragdoll” due to their propensity to go totally limp when picked up, and they very much enjoy being cuddled and carried about! The Ragdoll cat is rather innocent and naive, and not particularly streetwise.

6. The Spynx cat

The Sphynx is very unusual in that it is almost totally hairless, making it very distinctive! Because they do not have any coats to offer them protection from the weather, the Spynx usually lives as an indoor-only cat. Also, and very unusually for a cat of any type, they require regular baths to keep their skin in good condition, and usually very much enjoy this process!

7. The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon, also known as the American Longhair, is native to the American state of Maine, and is thought to be one of the oldest domestic cat breeds. They are classed as the largest domestic cat breed by height and weight combined, and are muscular, inquisitive, and love to explore! They have dense, long fur that helps to protect them against the incredibly cold winters of their home state.

8. The Oriental cat

The Oriental cat or Oriental Shorthair is a close relative of the equally popular Siamese, and they share a very similar appearance; a sleek, lean body, triangular face and large, pointed ears. They are usually tall and slender, and long in the body. They are available in a wide range of different colours, including white, tabby, chocolate and many more!

9. The Norwegian Forest cat

The Norwegian Forest cat, like the Maine Coon, is an ancient longhaired cat breed that is used to coping with the coldest of weathers. Hailing from Norway, they are large, alert and active cats that have superior hunting skills! They are also excellent climbers, with very strong claws and a strong grip! Very popular in their home country, they are also increasingly becoming in demand in the UK and other countries.

10. The Burmese cat

The Burmese cat has a very similar meow to the Siamese cat’s distinctive call, but there the similarities end! The Burmese is a short-coated cat with plush, soft fur and a satiny appearance. They are rounded in shape, medium sized and muscular but not heavy. They are loyal and loving with people, and remain inquisitive and interested in exploring everything around them well into old age! They form strong bonds with their owners and family, and require plenty of human interaction and attention to stay happy.