Things Cats Love to Do Whenever They Can

Things Cats Love to Do Whenever They Can


One question that many people ask about cats is why do they insist on always going to people who don't actually like them as soon as they get the chance to? If you not a "cat person", it can seem strange when a friend's moggy jumps on your lap at the first opportunity even though you've avoided any eye or other contact with them. You can understand when a cat approaches someone who wants to pet them and engage with them whether it's to play or just to say "hello" - but as you did nothing like this, what on earth prompts the cat to jump on you?

See Things From a Cat's Point of View

The answer is that you have to look at things from a cat's point of view. When anyone who loves cats and being around them wants to attract their attention and get them to come over to say hello, people automatically look at the cat and usually they do this by looking directly in the cat's eyes. They also typically bend forward and call to the cat in a "silly" and often higher voice – all of which is considered as being threatening behaviour from a cat's point of view!

However, people who don't like cats or are not used to being around them, will ignore the fact the feline is even there – usually hoping the cat will stay away from them. The cat meanwhile, sees this as friendly behaviour, there's nothing threatening going on which means they want to go to the people to say "hello" and get a cuddle or two – not so good for people who don't like our feline friends though!

What Eye Contact With Cats is All About

Making eye contact with a cat is a fascinating subject because direct eye contact is interpreted as aggressive behaviour by our feline friends, however, if you blink whilst staring at them and do this very slowly, a cat does not perceive this as threatening at all. If you watch carefully, you'll notice that a cat will blink back at you slowly too which has to be seen as a really big compliment when it comes from a cat!

Cats Love to Play - Especially at Night!

Cats love to play, especially at night because they are usually sleeping during the day. Naturally, this is when most people would like to go to sleep. The thing about cats is they like playing even when they aren't kittens any more because it helps them practice their hunting skills and then of course, playtime is also great fun especially when it's an interactive game with their owners!

Cats Adore Bags & Boxes

Cats love cardboard boxes, suitcases and handbags because they are the ideal feline hiding place. Cats also love scooting around the floor chasing a paper bag which can be great fun to watch. If you are stuck for cat toys, just offer your furry little friend a box or bag and then sit back and watch them as they get up to all sorts of antics!

You should never give your cat a plastic one to play with though, because your little friend might get stuck in it and suffocate!

Cats Love Getting Lots of Attention

The majority of our feline friends adore being around people and love human contact and the attention that usually goes with it. However, some moggys tend to be a little more independent than others but it would be safe to say that an occasional stroke or scratch behind the ear and under the chin will always be welcomed. Not only does a cat benefit from the love and attention people give them, but people too can benefit in lots of ways which includes helping with many health issues.

Cats Adore Being Scritched & Scratched

Most cats do like the occasional gentle scritch behind the ear, under the chin and will tolerate a good stroke down their backs. However, some cats are a little more particular than others when it comes to being caressed and stroked even by their owners whereas others will roll over on their backs to be stroked on their bellies – but not for too long!

Cats Love Catnip

Catnip is a very aromatic herb that many cats just cannot resist. It's a herb that belongs to the mint family and which cats will roll in, rub up against and basically get quite "high" on whenever they can! You can grow this herb in a pot or you can plant some in your garden and then watch your pet enjoy themselves totally oblivious to anything else whilst they are smothered in catnip! You can also buy dried catnip from most good pet shops where you'll also find lots of toys filled with it!

Cats Adore Scratching, Stretching & Stropping

Cats really do like to "strop" and if left to their own devices will scratch every bit of furniture they come across because it helps them stretch their muscles brilliantly. To prevent your furry little friend from destroying your upholstered furniture and pulling up your carpets, you need to invest in some good quality, fun scratching posts for them to use and then place these close to where your feline friend usually strops the carpet or furniture!

Cats Love Sunshine & Lounging in it!

Cats adore lying in hot places where they can feel the full impact of the sun which is astonishing when you think about how much fur they have on their backs to keep them warm! Felines of every kind just love lounging around in the sun whether it's on a windowsill, in the garden or even on the bonnet of a car!

Cats Adore Being Up High

Cats love being up high whether it's in a branch of a tree, on top of a wardrobe or on the top of a kitchen cabinet looking down on the world as only cats can do! Cats boast having that superior look at the best of times and never more so than when they are above their owners looking very smug indeed!

Cats Love Watching Wildlife From the Windowsill

One favourite pass time is to perch on a windowsill and watch all the birds as they fly past, land on the bird table or simply swoop around as only birds do. Cats will sit for ages watching their feathered friends from the inside looking out, as they swish their tails, make silly noises and generally have a big smile on their faces!

And Finally Cats Adore Sleeping

The other pass time that our furry feline friends adore is sleeping, snoozing and dozing in their favourite spots and can do so for anything up to 18 hours a day!



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