Think you want a rabbit? Think carefully!

Think you want a rabbit? Think carefully!

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Despite being the third most popular pet in the UK, rabbits are among the most abused and neglected. Countless rabbits spend miserable lives confined to a hutch, alone and with little or no space to exercise, mostly because owners don’t realise what’s involved before taking them on. Before you take on rabbits as pets, please read these advice pages to get an idea of everything involved in their care. If you can’t commit to giving them what they need to live full and contented lives then rabbits are not for you.

Are rabbits right for you?

It’s an important question because there are a lot of myths about what rabbits are like as pets, so it’s important to know what’s involved. But it’s just as important to think about the following question…

Are you right for rabbits?

Countless rabbits suffer neglect at the hands of owners who don’t understand, or aren’t ready to commit to their rabbits’ needs.

We cover both these questions on this page – take just a little time to read it. Rescue shelters are bursting at the seams with rabbits abandoned by owners who didn’t take the trouble to find out what was involved – an estimated 67,000 rabbits a year go through rescue.

Rabbits are NOT…

Rabbits are…

  • Beautiful, curious animals that deserve to live full and enriched lives. The list above highlights just some of the misconceptions about rabbit care. The bottom line is that looking after rabbits is a big commitment. You must…
  • Have at least two
  • Have them neutered
  • Provide them with an environment that allows them to display their natural behaviours
  • Clean them out and check them over every day
  • Take them to the vet for vaccinations, check-ups and for any treatment they might need
  • Feed them unlimited good quality hay, along with fresh vegetables and some good quality pellets

…. And all this for up to 12 years.

It doesn’t make you a bad person if you don’t think that’s for you. In fact, if there were more people who really thought about what was involved and decided that it wasn’t for them, then rescue shelters wouldn’t be at crisis point and there wouldn’t be so many rabbits neglected and suffering at the end of the garden, all but forgotten.



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