Tips and Advice for People Who Take Their Dogs on Holiday

Tips and Advice for People Who Take Their Dogs on Holiday

Life As A Pet Parent

If you're planning to get away this August for a few well deserved weeks relaxation and want to take your pooch with you, there's a great selection of places around the country where pets are more than welcome. It's never nice when dog owners have to leave their beloved four-legged friends behind when they are away enjoying themselves and having a canine companion with you makes a holiday so much more enjoyable.

There are some brilliant areas of the country to explore during the warmer summer months and this includes the lovely region of Norfolk. Whether you're hoping to rent a cottage or hire a canal boat to explore the broads, you'll find something to suit your budget where your pet would be very welcome. On some canal boats dogs go for free!

Tip 1

Taking your dog on holiday with you is rather like taking a small child on vacation because you really do need to be ready for just about every eventuality. The first thing you need to know is whether your dog is up for the trip and whether or not they are happy to travel in a car. If you have just got your dog, it's best to take them for a few short car journeys to gauge how they cope before taking them on a longer journey.

Tip 2

Invest in a comfy pet carrier and a cosy dog bed with extra blankets. Dogs often feel more comfortable and secure when they travel in a crate. However, you should never force your pet into it as this will end up making them more anxious. It's a much better idea to get them used to going into it when they are at home before you put the crate in the car for your pet to travel in.

Tip 3

Take your dog for a nice long walk before you start out on your car journey, it will help wear them out so that when they jump in the car they are more likely to go to sleep. Once you arrive at your destination, take them for another long walk to get them used to their new surroundings. However, if the car journey is very long, you would need to make several stops to let your dog stretch their legs and do their business. It's a great time for everyone to get a bit of fresh air and grab a bite to eat which breaks up a car journey very nicely until you arrive at your holiday destination.

Tip 4

It's a good idea to take lots of familiar things with you when you take your dog on holiday with you. If there are lots of familiar smells around, your pet will feel less stressed out at being in an unfamiliar place. You should take their usual dog bed making sure you have lots of extra dog blankets and cushions to save on having to do any washing. Pack their favourite toys along with anything else they like to call their own so they have all their usual items with them.

Tip 5

Keep to your usual doggy routine as much as possible while you are away which includes when you take your pet out for their walks and when you usually feed them. Maintaining a routine will be a lot more settling for them and will reduce the risk of any tummy upsets which could be put down to a change in their diet.

Tip 6

Make a list of all the things you need to take with you which includes the following:

  • Enough food to last the entire time you are away
  • Food and water bowls - ideally two of each
  • Water for the journey
  • Dog bed and extra cushions and blankets
  • 2 dog leads
  • An extra collar with ID tags on it
  • Poop bags
  • Any medication your dog is taking, making sure you have enough
  • The phone number of your vet
  • A doggy first aid kit which contains all the basics you might need to treat any minor wounds and/or injuries

Tip 7

It's important to pack everything so it’s easily accessible during the car trip. This includes plenty of water for the journey, dog leads and poop bags which you will need every time you stop to let your pet stretch their legs and do their business.


It's wonderful when you can take your dog away with you on holiday because it's never nice to leave a faithful four-legged friend behind even if you have friends or family who might be willing to look after them. Getting everything ready for a trip takes a bit of organising, taking a dog away on holiday is like travelling with a young child. In short, you have to be prepared for every eventuality!

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