Top of the pups : What dog breeds are the most popular at the moment?

Top of the pups : What dog breeds are the most popular at the moment?

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Here at Pets4Homes, we pride ourselves on being not only the largest and most popular pet classifieds website in the UK, but we also aim to be the most informative too, and provide information, guidance and support for pet owners and potential buyers in our popular advice section and dog breed profiles.

We are also in a fairly unique position in terms of being able to analyse the types of adverts that people are placing and looking at when it comes to dogs and other pets too. As a result of this we’ve produced a shortlist of the ten most popular dog breeds as of the last year, and how this compares to the results from the year before.

Read on to check out our list of the ten most popular dog breeds as of the year ending March 2017, and how they compare to the breeds featured in the year ending March 2016.

Number 10: German shepherd

The German shepherd is currently in tenth place in our listing of the most popular breeds advertised on our site, which indicates a drop of one place on the prior year, when the German shepherd was a step higher in ninth place. Last year’s tenth most popular dog breed was the Cockapoo!

Number 9: Staffordshire bull terrier

The Staffordshire bull terrier is this year’s ninth position dog, a spot that was of course last year taken by the German shepherd. This indicates a drop of three positions for the still very popular Staffy, who took the sixth place position during the prior year.

Number 8: The English bulldog

The English bulldog is perhaps the most easily recognisable of all dogs in the UK, and is one that has never really fallen out of fashion! In fact, the English bulldog is on the up this year, falling into the eighth place position from last year’s rank of eleven, just outside of the top ten.

Number 7: The Cockapoo

The cockapoo is notable for being the only non-pedigree dog breed to make our top ten list, indicating that they are currently the most popular hybrid dog breed in the UK, as well as beating out a significant number of pedigree dogs.

This indicates a rise from the Cockapoo’s position last year, in tenth place.

Number 6: The Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is invariably a popular dog breed, but this breed is slowly but surely being overtaken in the rankings! In the fifth place position last year, the Shih Tzu has dropped to sixth this year, making room for some of the movers and shakers nearer to the top of the list.

Number 5: The cocker spaniel

The cocker spaniel is a small. Very friendly and personable dog from the spaniel group, being slightly smaller than the springer spaniel and just a touch less onerous in terms of their exercise requirements.

The cocker is this year in the fifth place position, moving up two spots from seventh and knocking the Shih Tzu down a step to boot!

Number 4: The Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever invariably falls within the top five when it comes to the most popular dog breeds in the UK, and this year is no exception! This is one of the few breeds in the top ten that have stayed steady in the same position over the last couple of years, showing that the universally popular Labrador retriever still knows how to appeal to the general public!

Number 3: The pug

The pug is one of the most popular small dog breeds in the UK, and at one point, would almost certainly have fallen within the top two most popular small dogs. Like the Labrador, the pug has stayed static in their high position in the charts, coming in third place this year as well as last.

Number 2: The Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is not only the smallest dog breed in the world, but also one of the most popular-however, a good indication that times are really changing in the dog world is the fact that the Chihuahua, which took the top spot last year in terms of popularity, has this year dropped down to the second place position.

While still hugely popular, the tiny Chihuahua no longer reigns supreme!

Number 1: The French bulldog

So, who is the winner? The French bulldog! Jumping up from the second place position last year, this year’s most popular dog breed overall in the UK based on Pets4Homes advertisements is the French bulldog, which has taken the crown from the Chihuahua, and moved on up from the second place position.

This breed, which is one that was virtually unheard of in the UK until around a decade ago has very quickly become a firm favourite with people from all walks of life!

Other Dog Breeds

If your looking for information on other dog breeds, you can browse and search through over 230 dog breeds on the Pets4Homes dog breed section. You can sort them by popularity and filter using many criteria such as size, cost to keep etc.Click to view the Pets4Homes dog breed section.



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