Top Tips When Walking Your Dog When it's Raining

Top Tips When Walking Your Dog When it's Raining

Health & Safety

Going for a walk when it's raining hard is never a task that any dog owner looks forward to with relish and quite a few of our canine friends don't particularly enjoy going out for a walk when it's wet. However, dog's need to go out no matter what the weather throws at you which means gearing up and biting the bullet before going for a walk with your pooch in tow.

Bad Stormy Weather Days

Naturally, if the weather is really bad and very stormy then you need to be very careful when you take your dog out to do their business. A quick walk outside for them to relieve themselves before quickly getting back inside is by far the safest thing to do. However, you still need to keep your canine pal occupied and busy which means playing a few interactive games with them when you are indoors.

This is especially important if the weather is going to be bad for a few days which often happens here in the UK. If you don't play with them, boredom will soon set in which could then lead to a few unwanted behavioural problems starting up which could be hard to correct later on.

Wear the Right Clothes and Footwear

Naturally, if it is bucketing it down you need to wear the right clothes and footwear, this means a rainproof coat and some good old wellies. If it's not too windy, an umbrella is a must, but if the wind is strong you'd be better off not taking one with you as it could end up being more of a hindrance than a help.

If your dog has a thin coat then you should consider putting a shower-proof jacket on them too, although not all dogs like wearing them which is something that you need to check out first. Again, if your dog really objects to having a coat on, it could be more trouble than it's worth for them to wear one. Should you find they don't mind, it's well worth investing in a rain-proof jacket with reflective strips on it so that other people and cars can easily see your dog through the rain.

Avoid Busy Roads

As previously mentioned, some dogs really hate the rain whereas others really love splashing around in every puddle they come across which is especially true of most spaniels and other breeds that love water. If you share your home with a dog that does not particularly like getting wet, then you should avoid taking them out for their walks along very busy roads when it's raining. Not only will this reduce the risk of them being splashed by any passing cars, but it will help keep them less stressed out at having to go outside in the bad weather in the first place!

Some dogs get very anxious and nervous when cars pass them by and water splashes up at them which means it's a bit unfair on them to do it. You may even find your dog gets so scared, they do their best to get out of their collars so they can escape to safety which could put them in a really dangerous situation if they succeeded in getting free! Safety always has to come first when you take a dog out for a walk at any time especially when the conditions are not as good as they could be.

Going to the Park

If you have to take your dog to the park, then make sure you keep them on the lead when you do. The last thing you need is for them to run off so you have to spend time in the wet trying to find them. The good thing about walking your dog in a park when it's raining is that you would more than likely be the only person out there, the downside is that your dog will get lovely and muddy if you let them off their leads to have a romp around.

Making Sure Your Dog is Dried Off

It's really important to make sure your dog is well dried off when you get back from your wet weather walk with them. This means towelling them off with a clean towel or two and to make sure their paws are wiped and dried clean too. If your dog is soaked through, you can use a hair-dryer on them being extra careful the settings are on the lowest and that you never hold the device too close to their skin which could end up burning them.


When the weather is really wet and windy, your dog still needs to go out to do their business. However, taking your pet for a long walk in bad weather is never a particularly good idea because the chances are neither you, or your dog will enjoy it. It's far better to take them out for their usual long walks when the weather cheers up again and in the meantime, just keep them occupied by playing a few interactive games with them indoors!



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