"Weird, Wonderful but Sometimes Dangerous Things Dogs Swallow

"Weird, Wonderful but Sometimes Dangerous Things Dogs Swallow

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Dogs are glorious creatures, full of fun and mischief which the majority of times will bring a broad smile to their owners faces. However, there are times when they chew on things they should not and worse still they often swallow pretty strange items some of which can prove pretty dangerous to their health and well being. Some dogs just seem to be drawn to certain things whether it's an old sock or pair of tights which may seem amusing at first but in fact it could be cause for serious concern. This is especially true if the items cause a blockage in their intestinal tracts which may well require emergency surgery.

Children's Toys are a Great Draw

Puppies, young dogs and some of our more mature canine friends seem to have a thing about kid's toys which can have something to do with wanting to play with the things children are fond of playing with. However, not only is the stuffing of many toys not something they should eat because they just can't digest it, but the plastic used on some toys can prove deadly to our four-legged friends too.

Bits of Wood Picked up on a Walk

Dogs love playing interactive games with their owners and there's more fun that chasing after a piece of wood or stick that's been thrown for them so they can retrieve it and then do it again. The problem is that dogs love to chew on wood which often leads to them swallowing bits of it which is not so good. Wood can and often splinters which could cause serious damage to a dog's mouth, throat and intestines not to mention puncturing their stomachs. The other issue is that once a young dog has got a taste for chewing wood, they will do this all the time which means they could start chewing chair legs and other bits of furniture around the house all of which could cause them serious damage to their health!

Stranger Items That Dogs Do Swallow

One dog in America was reported to have swallowed a whole reel of tape from a music cassette which had to be extremely slowly and carefully pulled out of their rear ends when they eventually went to the toilet. There was around 15 feet of tape pulled out inch by inch by a worried owner and luckily there was no further issue. With this said pulling anything out from your pet's bottom would be best left to a vet or veterinary nurse because you can cause a lot of damage if you don't know what you're doing or attempt to do it too fast especially as cassette tape has pretty sharp edges!

The Dog That Swallowed a 36 inch Leather Belt

Another dog across the water in America hit the headlines when they swallowed one of their owner's leather belts – all 36 inches of it! The Golden Retriever had to go to the vet where X-rays were taken but luckily he did not need to undergo any expensive surgery and recovered from his ordeal with no subsequent ill effects. However, his owners have to lock everything away and close doors because he still loves eating strange things but oddly will never raid the rubbish bin!

What To Do if Your Pet Swallows Something They Shouldn't

We all know that most dogs are seriously attracted to anything that has an aromatic"" odour to it and how they just love rolling in all sorts of smelly things. When it comes to eating strange, weird and wonderful items, some dogs make a real habit of it which can be quite worrying for their owners. Not only could this behaviour make their pets very ill, but it could also mean a few hefty vet bills too.

If you suspect your pet has swallowed or eaten something they shouldn't whether it's a frozen chicken stolen off a kitchen worktop or a plate full of chocolate cupcakes that were sitting on a coffee table, you need to get them to the vet if they show any signs of nausea, diarrhoea or if they are suddenly quite lethargic and have any facial swelling.

The vet would want to know what they may have swallowed and then take some X-rays to see if they can see a blockage in your dog's digestive system. If this proves to be the case, your pet might well need to undergo emergency surgery.

The Items Vets Most Commonly Find Dogs Have Swallowed

The items that vets frequently find in a dog's system which they then have to figure out the best way of getting them safely out, include the following:

  • Pet toys – both dog, cat and other
  • Children's toys – a firm favourite
  • Clothing - socks and underwear seeming to be the most preferred
  • String, wool and yarn – puppies in particular love eating these
  • Large stones and pips found in some fruit – apple pips are very toxic!
  • Coins – amazingly vets often find these in dogs systems!
  • Wood – dogs love chewing and swallowing wood!
  • Plastic – 50% of dogs are allergic to plastic!
  • Tennis balls – easily swallowed by our canine friends
  • Bones – all dogs love bones but forget to chew them or they splinter!
  • Tights – another firm favourite!

The most dangerous things that dogs may accidentally be given to eat and which are incredibly toxic to them apart from chocolate include the following:

  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Mouldy food

With this said anything that contain xylitol should never be given to dogs and this includes chewing gum or toothpaste. If you brush your pet's teeth you have to use a specifically formulated doggy toothpaste.


If you think your pet has eaten or swallowed something they should not have, it is really important to get them in the car and down to the vet as early as you can. If the item they have swallowed causes a blockage in their digestive systems, it could prove extremely dangerous and would require emergency surgery to remove it which might well mean a very hefty vet bill.


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