What are Pheromones & Why Are They Important to Dogs?

What are Pheromones & Why Are They Important to Dogs?

If you've wondered what pheromones are and what they mean to our four-legged canine friends, they are natural substances that all animals secrete including dogs. Dogs use these secretions to communicate with other dogs sending out all sorts of different messages. Females on heat will attract males using pheromones, all dogs mark their territory with their own particular pheromone secretion and they are also convey aggression which is a warning to other dogs to keep away.

You may have noticed how your pooch can sometimes get a bit excited if another dog invades their territory or space – it's the pheromones which are being stimulated and which cause dogs to react in this way. However, dogs also use pheromones in order to relieve any stress they may be feeling – it promotes a calmness which means they are more in control and comfortable in their environment.

Keeping on Top of Problems Using Pheromone Products

Occasionally, a dog may start marking areas of the home by urinating on furniture, the carpet and other things in the house, they may become over anxious which is often the case with young puppies that tend to whine when they are left alone at night. All of these behaviours can be very undesirable and you need to find a solution to the problem as soon as you can. With this said it is possible to harness a dog's naturally produced pheromones so they work in your favour. The first thing you need to understand is that all animals including dogs, feel a real need to emit them wherever they happen to be in order to solve any problems they encounter – it's the doggy equivalent of valium!

When a dog inhales the pheromones in the air they breath, all is well in their world and these days there are products available on the market that dog owners can use in the home to help their pooches feel calmer and more relaxed. However, if you discuss the problem with your vet or an animal behaviourist, they would be able to recommend which product to use because there are several choices on the market with some of them being in liquid form and others are in diffusers, very similar to plug-in air fresheners people like to have in their homes.

Does Your Dog Wee in Certain Areas Around the Home?

If you find your dog keeps weeing in different areas around the house, they could well be feeling anxious or stressed out about something. You can spray a pheromone product on all the places they have "marked" which may help prevent them from doing it again. The reason being that when your dog gets a whiff of the pheromone, they realise the places are already "covered" so they won't feel the need to mark the spot again. Pheromones cannot be detected by a human nose, just animals so there's no horrid smell to these products!

Does Your Dog Get Stressed Out in their Carriers?

Some dogs get very stressed out when they have to be put in their pet carriers which can be a bit of dilemma if you need to take to the vet or away on holiday with you. By spraying the inside of the carrier with some pheromone it could make it that much easier for them because it helps your dog identify the carrier as a safe place for them to be in. You should spray the inside of the pet carrier around 20 minutes before putting your pet in it which should help make the journey to wherever you are going a lot less stressful for both you and your dog.

Does Your New Puppy Whine & Scratch All Night

Most puppies will whine and whimper when they are put to bed at night and they may even start scratching at the door or their cages in an attempt to escape to the safety of your arms. If you spray some pheromone product around the room and in their cages, it will help make your young puppy feel less anxious at being left alone. Puppy gets a good night's sleep and be ready to play like mad when you let them out in the morning, and you will enjoy a stress-free night too!

Is Your Dog Get Very Anxious When they Hear Loud Noises?

Some dogs get very nervous when they hear loud noises and can even start cowering and trembling. They get so scared they may start panting and trying to hide in strange places. If you spray some calming pheromone around the room and stay with your dog, you will find they soon settle down and become themselves again. However, if they are really frightened, it's much better to stay with them so you can reassure them that everything is alright.

Adding Pheromones to a Water Bowl

If you have adopted a dog from a rescue centre and find that although they have settled into their new home nicely, they are still quite nervous about certain things, you can add a little pheromone liquid to their drinking water to help alleviate their nervousness. This together with a plug-in pheromone diffuser should help your dog feel more settled because they perceive their environment is a safe one to be in.


All animals secrete pheromones, and this includes dogs. These secretions are crucial to the way they communicate with other dogs. A bitch in season will attract all the males in the vicinity with her pheromone secretions. However, if you own a nervous, anxious pooch and need to find ways to make their life less stressful, you can buy certain pheromone products which come in either liquid form or as plug-in diffusers. If you are unsure which product would be the best to help your pooch feel happier about things, you should ask your vet to recommend one for you.



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