What are the most excitable dog breeds?

What are the most excitable dog breeds?

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Dogs as a whole tend to be very enthusiastic animals that are keen to play, socialise and find things to do, but some dog breeds are undeniably more excitable than others!

Exactly which dog breeds are the most excitable has even been the subject of a formal study – undertaken in 1985 by Lynette and Ben Hart, who studied and researched a huge number of different dog breeds to determine which were the most excitable in general.

Whatever breed or type of dog you own, the chances are that they’ve worn you out at some point with their antics, or highly excitable behaviour in everyday situations. If you want to find out if your dog is one of the six most excitable breeds overall based on Lynette and Ben Hart’s formal research, this article will tell you for sure.

Read on to find out the six most excitable dog breeds, in no particular order.

The beagle

The beagle breed is one that has only really become popular in a big way as a pet and companion over the course of the last couple of decades, and for most of their history they were kept almost exclusively as working dogs.

Beagles are cheerful, friendly dogs that tend to be highly social and get on well with strangers, and they can also be very vocal and prone to lots of barking and possibly howling! They thrive within a pack situation, and enjoy working with other dogs, where their excitable natures can be channelled into a useful purpose.

The Cairn terrier

The Cairn terrier is a native Scottish dog breed, and like virtually all terrier breeds they are lively, quick and tenacious, as well as being intelligent and easily bored. They are very confident little dogs that tend to be friendly and personable rather than speculative or aggressive, and they are one of the many small terrier breeds that were originally used to hunt rodents and other pests.

Their tenacity, commitment and drive make them quite one track minded when something catches their attention, and they tend to be inquisitive and keen to find things to do! Their lively natures contribute to making them very excitable too.

The Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular small dog breeds in the UK, and they are in great demand as pets with people from all walks of life. They are loving and affectionate, and enjoy having someone around for company – and they like to curl up in the lap of their favourite people and chill out.

However, they are also very lively little dogs that tend to be very excitable, and will often make their own entertainment! Dogs of the breed tend to be very vocal too, and they will usually bark a lot if someone comes to the door or approaches the house.

They also like to run around, play and jump up, meaning that they need a lot of entertainment and an owner that values their quick, excitable natures.

The Miniature schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer is the smallest of the different schnauzer dog sizes, and they are leggy but compact with a distinctive beard and eyebrows that gives them a rather serious expression! They are a very excitable breed as a whole, and need a lot of exercise, play, and mental stimulation to keep them happy.

They tend to be quick to join in with games with their owners or with other dogs, and can also be quite territorial, patrolling their home and garden and barking if someone gets too close! Providing plenty of exercise and things to do is a must for this breed, to manage their excitability and keep them calm within the home.

The West Highland terrier

The West Highland terrier is a small, cute Scottish dog breed that is really popular all across the UK. They are petite, loving and personable, and enjoy their home comforts – but they are also a plucky, lively breed that likes to spend a lot of time walking, playing and running around to keep them mentally and physically satisfied.

West Highland terriers are as a whole a very excitable breed, and this is often most pronounced in younger dogs – although they tend to keep a youthful outlook on life well into old age.

The fox terrier

The fox terrier is yet another terrier breed that merits inclusion within the six most excitable dog breeds overall, and as their name suggests, the breed was originally kept and bred for working purposes, flushing out foxes when hunting with hounds.

The lively natures and tenacity that made them a good fit for this specific working role comes from the breed’s innate excitability, something that dogs of the breed retain now that they are beginning to gain more traction as pets.

They need a lot of exercise and things to do to keep them manageable and channel their energies into non-destructive purposes, and they are also very loving and outgoing dogs that tend to get on well with children, who can often be equally excitable!

They are widely known as a “busy” breed, always looking for something to do, and they also tend to be quite vocal and prone to barking a lot when excited – which is a lot of the time!



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