What dog breeds make for good running buddies?

What dog breeds make for good running buddies?

If you love to run and are looking for a dog that will enjoy joining you for your daily exercise, then your future pooch is a very lucky one indeed.

Most dogs in the UK could do with getting rather more exercise that they generally get on a day to day basis, and there are some dog breeds that have such onerous daily exercise requirements that few domestic homes are a truly good fit for them in terms of their ability and willingness to provide this.

However, if you yourself are fit and a keen runner, picking the right dog breed to partner up with for runs is important, because not all breeds have the type of enthusiasm and endurance required for such activity – nor the potential street smarts needed to stay safe and enjoy vigorous exercise.

With this in mind, this article will share five dog breeds that make for good running buddies for active owners, and which you might want to consider choosing as your next pet. Read on to learn more.

The Siberian husky

The Siberian husky is perhaps the best potential running partner of all, because these dogs have incredibly high energy levels that few owners can really meet effectively without dedicating large parts of the day to doing so, and they also have superior endurance too.

Huskies were originally developed as sled dogs, a role that they still commonly perform in many countries, and not only can they keep up with you happily when out on a run, but they’re probably more capable of keeping up the pace than you are!

If you enjoy long and challenging runs of a couple of hours or even more most days, the Siberian husky might be the perfect match for you. Additionally, this is a dog breed that is commonly surrendered to rehoming shelters by first-time owners who soon find that they simply cannot provide for the dog’s need for exercise, so it is worth checking out local shelters to find your perfect match and to give an abandoned dog a second chance at finding a suitable and appropriate home.

The Border collie

The Border collie is a working dog breed first and foremost, and dogs of the breed can still commonly be seen carrying out working herding roles all over the UK today. Once more, this is a breed that can be a huge challenge to accommodate and manage within a domestic home, due to both their hugely high energy levels and superior endurance too.

Border collies are designed to work and run all day and once more, if you like to run for two or more hours most days yourself, the Border collie is definitely a dog breed that is worth considering. They’re also the world’s smartest dog breed too, and so a good pick for canine sports if you fancy having a go at them as well!

The Harrier hound

The Harrier hound is not one of the most common dog breeds in the UK and many dog lovers have never seen one in the flesh – other than those that live in areas where hunts are based, as this is a working dog breed that was historically used to hunt with horses, and which can still be found in packs kept by many hunts today.

Medium sized, lean and leggy, the Harrier is around midway between the size of a beagle and a foxhound, and so they’re tall but not overly large and are a good fit for many types of homes.

The Harrier hound needs significant amounts of exercise and mental stimulation each day in order to thrive, and as a working breed, they’re used to being outside and staying active, and won’t thrive as indoor dogs.

As running buddies, the Harrier hound can keep pace and won’t flag alongside of most competent runners, and when they are exercised enough, are a pleasure to have around too.

The Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is a breed we often associate with films and cartoons thanks to their handsome and distinctive spotted appearance, but this is a dog breed that also had a historical working role, and their good looks made them very desirable within it.

Dalmatians were historically kept as carriage dogs to run behind horse-drawn carriages owned by the aristocracy, and as a result, this is a high energy breed that can run long distances without flagging, and that needs a significant amount of exercise and daily time spent running in order to thrive.

A Dalmatian that isn’t given enough walks can soon become hugely unruly, but a keen runner who is looking for a willing running partner will often find that the Dalmatian is a sound choice.

The Labrador retriever

Finally, the Labrador retriever, excellent all round family pet, versatile working dog and true ambassador for the canine community, Labs have a wide range of positive traits and are also lively, energetic dogs that need plenty of walks.

They’re really popular as pets in the UK, but many if not most of the UK’s Labradors are actually overweight to some extent, and few get as much exercise as they really need.

Labs have the combined benefits of being keen and cheerful running partners with bags of common sense and street smarts, and also being calm and mannerly within the home too. If you’re looking for an excellent family pet that will get on with everyone and be delighted to join you on runs, consider a Labrador when you’re making your final decision.

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