What is a Cheetoh Cat?

What is a Cheetoh Cat?

There are some very exotic breeds of cat around these days some of which are new to the scene one with one of them being the Cheetoh. They were developed in the United States by crossing the Ocicat with Bengals and the result produced a very athletic, muscular cat with the gorgeous spotted coat of a Leopard and a wonderful personality. Today, the Cheetoh is popular in the States, but lesser known in other parts of the world, although their reputation and looks are attracting the attention of cat lovers in many countries including the UK.

Cheetoh origins

As previously mentioned the Cheetoh was developed in the United States through careful and selective breeding of Ocicats and Bengals by a lady called Carol Drymon in 2001. The result of her endeavours was a cat that resembled a small Cheetah or Leopard. The breed was recogised by the United Feline Organisation in 2004 and is listed in the International Cat Association’s Experimental New Breed Registry"".

Cheetoh personality

Proud, elegant, aloof and incredibly social, the Cheetoh is a pleasure to have around rarely would one of these cats show any sort of aggressive behaviour towards anyone. Unlike other breeds, males often show a real maternal side to their natures when they are around younger cats and kittens. They are even tempered, gentle, reliable and trustworthy cats and being so inquisitive by nature, the Cheetoh loves being involved in everything. They are also known to have a real sense of humour and quickly learn how to keep their families entertained with their various antics.

They are also known to be incredibly good when they are around children and they enjoy playing lots of interactive games which includes things like fetch. They get on with dogs they have grown up with, but care should be taken when a Cheetoh is around smaller animals and pets because they boast having a high prey drive.

Cheetoh appearance and coat colours

A Cheetoh is an athletic, sleek looking cat that resembles a small leopard or cheetah with their lovely wild coat markings and patterns. They are long in the body being low in the shoulder which gives them their wild appearance when they walk. They have very thick, short coats that are velvety and soft to the touch and which are very glossy and sleek looking much like their wild counterparts.

They are large cats that can weigh in at anything from 6.8 kg to 9.97 kg with females being slightly smaller and lighter than their male counterparts. They come in a variety of coat colours and patterns which includes the following:

  • Black\brown spotted sienna
  • Black\brown spotted gold
  • Black spotted smoke
  • Black spotted silver
  • Lynx pointed, gold spotted snow


Anyone wanting to share a home with a Cheetoh may have to register their interest with a breeder and may have trouble finding one. They would also need to agree to going on a waiting list because so few well-bred kittens are bred every year. The other thing to bear in mind is that because Cheetoh kittens are so rare, they do tend to be quite a bit more expensive to purchase, but with this said the fact they are so charming and gorgeous looking, the wait and the price is well worth it.




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