What is a Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge?

What is a Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge?

Breed Facts

Bulldog breeds of all types are in great demand in the UK, and there are quite a lot of them – as well as a range of recognised bulldog types that aren’t classed as pedigree breeds. One of these is the Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge, which is currently in 102nd place out of a total of 241 different dog breeds and types in terms of their popularity as pets in the UK.

One of the main reasons for the interest in and popularity of bulldog variants like the Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge is that the English bulldog – a hugely popular breed in its own right – can be plagued with health problems, and the English bulldog’s modern appearance is quite different to their historical origins. This means that many people who love the core bulldog traits but that are concerned about the direction that the modern breed is heading in seek alternatives, with a more traditional appearance and theoretically, better health.

The Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge is one of these dog types – and one that anyone considering buying a bulldog and trying to pick between the different variants might want to consider.

In this article, we will examine the Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge in more detail, explaining what makes a Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge and examining their core traits and temperament. Read on to learn more.

What are the origins of the Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge?

The Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge was first developed in the 1980’s by a breeder whose intention was to create a new breed that was as similar as possible to historical bulldogs popularly owned during the Tudor era. The aim was to recreate a breed with the core appearance and temperament traits of bulldogs from the past, before their appearance began to change significantly to the point that it began to impact on the breed’s health.

They are medium-sized dogs that were originally produced from British Kennel Club registered bulldogs, and today the population of dogs of this type is large enough to have become more or less self-sustaining, although some outcrossing may still take place within certain breed programs.

Is the Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge a pedigree dog breed?

The Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge is not recognised as a breed in its own right by The Kennel Club, which means that they cannot be registered with The Kennel Club nor compete in formal breed classes. This is because the process of gaining formal breed recognition with The Kennel Club is a long and fairly convoluted process, which requires a stable population of dogs of the type to be present with a high level of uniformity across their core traits, which forms the basis of a breed standard.

How much does it cost to buy a Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge?

Dorset Old Tyme bulldogges can be quite costly to buy, with the average advertised price for dogs of this type being around the £1,108 mark. This price point is higher than that of many full pedigree dog breeds, which reflects the demand for dogs of this type and the often long waiting lists for new puppies.

What do Dorset Old Tyme bulldogges look like?

Dorset Old Tyme bulldogges can be fairly variable in size, ranging from 48-61cm tall at the withers and weighing between 27-41kg. They are medium sized and fairly stocky, but proportionately and without exaggeration in terms of their musculature.

They have brachycephalic faces that have a slightly shortened muzzle, giving the dog’s face a rather flat appearance – but this is not overly exaggerated, and provides the dog with a longer, healthier muzzle than their English bulldog counterparts.

Dorset Old Tyme bulldogges are bred for a healthy bulldog conformation, and so very flat faces are frowned upon.

They can be seen in a range of colours including brindle, black and white – as well as a slate grey coat that is often referred to as a Dorset Blue Poole coat, and which is one of the most in-demand colours across this dog type as a whole. Their coats are short and single-layered, making them very low maintenance.

What sort of temperament do they have?

Dorset Old Tyme bulldogges are widely considered to be versatile all-rounders, which tend to fit well into family homes and get on well with children. They can be a touch territorial and protective over their families, and make for good watchdogs.

They form strong bonds with the people that they live with, and like a lot of company – although they can usually be conditioned to spend a few hours at a time on their own without becoming destructive or bored. They are one of the more rangy, outgoing bulldog types and so they need a reasonable amount of time each day spent exercising, but they aren’t a breed that will run you ragged trying to keep up with their need for activity either.

Like all bulldog breeds and types, Dorsets can and often do have a stubborn streak a mile wide, which means that they need an insightful trainer that can keep the dog’s attention and learn to channel their interests in the right direction.

Using incentives like treats and rewards makes training the Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge much easier, and will condition the dog to look to their handler for direction in the hopes of earning a reward.

Within the home, Dorsets tend to be calm and fairly easy going, and are quite happy to cuddle up and watch tv with you after a walk. If you can spend plenty of time with your dog and provide for their need for exercise and appropriate training, a Dorset Old Tyme bulldogge might be the right choice of dog for you.



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