What is a Sproodle dog?

What is a Sproodle dog?

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A Sproodle is a cross breed or hybrid dog type that is produced by crossing a springer spaniel with a standard or miniature poodle. A Sproodle may be a first generation cross with one parent from each breed, or a second or later generation dog bred from subsequent Sproodle matings.

The unique crossing that produces a Sproodle results in a range of desirable core traits such as intelligence and bags of energy, making them a very versatile dog type that is a good fit for a wide range of different types of homes and owners.

Because of the size difference between a standard and a miniature poodle, Sproodles come in a range of different sizes too, generally being around medium, and adding to their variety and versatility.

If you are wondering if a Sproodle is the right choice of dog for you or want to know more about their core traits and what they’re like to own and manage, this article will provide a short introduction. Read on to learn more about the Sproodle dog type.

Is a Sproodle a pedigree dog breed?

A Sproodle is not a pedigree dog breed, being referred to instead as a hybrid dog type or cross breed. However, any Sproodle’s parents may be pedigree dogs from the two respective breeds within the crossing.

Because the Sproodle is not a pedigree breed, there is no breed standard or accepted norm for the dog’s traits in terms of appearance and temperament – but by understanding the core traits of the two parent breeds, it is possible to develop a broad understanding of the type of traits the Sproodle will inherit in their turn.

How expensive are Sproodles to buy and care for?

The average advertised price of Sproodle puppies for saleon Pets4Homes is around £654, which places them within the budget of most dog buyers. However, prices can be quite variable from dog to dog, and particularly nice or desirable examples of this type – particularly those with a low-shedding poodle-like coat – may cost significantly more.

As a dog that is around medium sized as a rule, the cost of caring for a Sproodle and providing for everything they need is around the median too, and whilst they’re not among the cheapest of breeds to own, nor are they generally prohibitively expensive to keep either.

What do Sproodles look like?

Choosing a Sproodle puppy can be something of a lottery in terms of their appearance traits, and you might not be able to develop a good idea of the eventual adult size that any pup will reach until they are fully grown. Looking at the two parent dogs can help in this respect – and a Sproodle bred with a standard poodle parent or ancestor will of course tend to be larger than one with a miniature poodle used in the crossing.

Sproodles tend to have proportionate but not overly lean bodies, and a nicely balanced conformation. They have moderately long drooping ears, and a nice healthy muzzle length.

The Sproodle coat is one of their most variable features in terms of the appearance individual dogs of this type may display, as the springer spaniel and poodle coats are very different. Generally, deliberate Sproodle breeding programs attempt to enhance and strengthen the poodle coat type with a slight relaxation thanks to the springer spaniel side, as poodle fur doesn’t shed very heavily.

This makes the Sproodle a good potential choice of pet for people who find that they are often otherwise allergic to dog dander. Most Sproodles will have a coat that falls somewhere between the norms of the springer spaniel and the poodle – being moderately long and waved or curled, but without the tight, coarse curls of the poodle.

However, some dogs of this type will have a much more tightly curled coat, and others a smoother, softer coat like the springer spaniel.

In terms of Sproodle colours, they may be all one shade or have a patched coat, potentially with some springer-like spots too. The breed can be seen in all of the colour variants of their two parent breeds, including black, chocolate, and liver or black with white.

What type of temperament do Sproodles have?

Sproodles are really smart dogs with high intelligence, and high energy levels to match. This means that the Sproodle owner must provide lots of exercise and mental stimulation for their dogs, incorporating long walks, energetic play, and an interesting, varied life.

They are very engaging dogs that like to have company and join in with family activities, and they are hugely rewarding to train, being keen to please, hardworking, and able to learn and execute lots of different commands. This also means that they often have a flair for canine sport, as well as making good all rounders for active, energetic families.

Sproodles also tend to be engaging and outgoing with both other dogs and people, really enjoying socialisation and making new friends. They tend to get on well with children too, and are an excellent choice of pet for families. They are very entertaining and like to be silly and have fun, and have a cheerful and positive outlook on life that makes them nice to be around.

Sproodles also have the advantage of taking to housetraining well and generally being well behaved in the house, assuming that they get enough exercise and stimulation to provide for all of their needs.



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