What is there to see and do at Crufts 2020 apart from breed show classes?

What is there to see and do at Crufts 2020 apart from breed show classes?

Events & Shows

Crufts is the world’s most famous and widely attended dog show, and most of us think of the huge Best in Show trophy and the glitzy competition held to determine its winner when we think of the show itself.

The annual Crufts event sees the finals held at the culmination of a year’s worth of competing heats at Kennel Club dog shows to find the best of breed and type for every recognised dog breed in the UK, and it can be fascinating to go to Crufts and watch competitions of this type!

Everyone wishes to see classes for the breed of dog they own of course, and simply watching breed show judging in general can be enlightening; but it is not a source of constant fascination for everyone, and unless you know an awful lot about judging in general and the breed in question too, it can be hard to know exactly what is going on at all times in such classes.

However, there is much more to Crufts than just breed show judging and classes, and for many dog lovers, these are just incidental to the event, and not the main part of it!

If you’re going to Crufts 2020 and are wondering what to see and do when you get there, or want to know what goes on at Crufts apart from breed show classes, this article will provide you with a basic roundup of what else to see and do at Crufts 2020. Read on to learn more.

Meet the breeds/Discover Dogs

Discover Dogs, a.k.a. “meet the breeds” is a huge showcase of every dog breed you can name or think of, and a whole host you can’t… including some very rare breeds that you’re highly unlikely to see out and about on the streets.

Discover Dogs allows you to meet, pet and generally get to know dogs of all breeds, and talk to their owners and handlers about what they’re like to own and live with.

Canine sports

Not all competitions at Crufts are to find the best dog of a certain breed, and a whole host of canine sports can be seen going on too, with the heats for their finals and then finals taking place across the competition.

You’ll be able to see the very best canine sporting competitors battle it out, including things like agility and flyball, which can be very exciting to watch!

Obedience and heelwork

The cream of the cream come to Crufts for the finals of various different obedience and heelwork competitions too, including heelwork to music, which is one of the most watchable and popular events of all.

The level of obedience and intelligence the dogs display, how closely they pay attention to their handlers, and the relationship and bond between the competing dogs and their owners really is inspirational!

Young Kennel Club

The Young Kennel Club has its own ring at Crufts, and as well as holding competitions for young exhibitors and handlers, also tries hard to get other young people who are visiting the show interested in dogs in general, dog showing, the work of the Kennel Club and of course, responsible dog ownership.


Shopping at Crufts for everything dog-related cannot be beaten, and more or less everything you could think of and some you couldn’t even imagine can be found on display and for sale.

A huge array of different types of dog foods, custom-build kennels, accessories, the latest in canine tech and much more can be seen and bought at the show, often with some keen discounts available.

Displays and showcases

There are lots of displays and informational events held in the various arenas at Crufts as well as the breed show classes, and these can be fascinating and informative.

Gundog displays, working police dog displays and much more are scheduled over the course of the four-day Crufts event, and are all listed in the show’s schedule so be sure to pick those that you want to see and get a seat early.

Rescue and rehoming organisation stalls

A wide range of dog rescue and rehoming charities attend Crufts to raise awareness, talk about their work, and encourage people to consider adopting a dog rather than buying one.

From big, national charities to smaller local rescues, there are lots to see and talk to at Crufts, all in need of support.

Charities and causes

Many other dog-related charities, causes and organisations go to Crufts to showcase their work and tell people more too.

This includes things like organisations that train detection dogs to sniff out cancer and other illnesses, and organisations that raise funds for and train assistance dogs and therapy dogs.

Visiting some of these can be a real eye-opener and let you know what dogs are really capable of and how they help people.

Advice and advocacy

There are also veterinary stalls and advice sessions, professional dog trainers and behaviourists, and advice and advocacy organisations holding talks, seminars, and manning stalls too.

Grab a map and a programme of Crufts 2020 when you go in, to ensure you don’t miss anything!

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