What makes the Jack Russell dog breed so popular?

What makes the Jack Russell dog breed so popular?

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The Jack Russell is the 11th most popular dog breed in the UK, beating out a total of 230 other breeds to take their place just outside of the top ten overall. They are a small dog breed from the terrier group with a huge personality in contrast to their small size, and they are lively, outgoing, tenacious, and often very entertaining.

Their small size makes them versatile enough to suit homes both small and large, but unlike many other petite breeds, they’re no lapdogs – they have big dog personalities and distinctive terrier traits that help them to appeal to owners of all types, and from all walks of life.

The Jack Russell breed is also very well established – they’ve been around for a long time, and have a very well documented history. The large number of individual dogs of the breed coupled with their long history means that the breed’s traits are very firmly established, and that they tend to be robust and healthy.

Whether you already own a Jack Russell or are considering buying one, you may be interested to know what makes them so popular, and the traits that help to contribute to their enduring appeal with people of all types.

In this article, we will look at what makes the Jack Russell such a popular dog breed. Read on to learn more.

The breed’s long history

The first recorded origins of dogs that we know today as Jack Russells go right back to 1795, and the first registered pedigrees of the breed itself were recorded in 1862. Whilst many modern dog breeds have ancient origins, the Jack Russell is one of the breeds with the most widely accepted and well documented history, and the level of public awareness of the breed that results from this means that a lot of people are likely to consider owning them.

Even when more and more breeds became prevalent in the UK as new breeds were developed and imported from abroad, the Jack Russell has never really fallen out of fashion. Their long recorded history means that the breed is well understood, and their core traits are well established, so that buyers who do their research can make an informed decision about ownership and have a good idea of what they are getting.

Their compact size

As is the case with all small dog breeds, their size contributes to their appeal – whilst many people aspire to owning a large dog, they don’t always have a suitably sized home to match, which narrows down their options. The small Jack Russell can live quite comfortably within either a large country home or a small apartment, assuming that they get enough exercise, which widens the pool of potential owners who can consider buying a dog of the breed.


Jack Russells can be found with no less than three different coat textures – smooth, rough, and broken (a combination of smooth and rough) respectively. They can also be seen in several different colour combinations, which means a lot of variance is seen in the appearance of different dogs within the breed, giving potential buyers a lot of choice.

Their versatility

Jack Russells were historically used for working roles, and they are keen hunters with a strong prey drive and bags of tenacity. Like most terriers, they also like to dig, and are hugely lively and playful, enjoying long, interesting walks and lots of variety.

Big dog personalities

If you are looking for a small dog (or cannot consider a larger breed due to space considerations) many of the available options are lapdog or toy dog breeds, and these are some of the most popular dog types in the UK. However, not everyone who wants a small dog wants a pampered lapdog – and the Jack Russell, whilst very affectionate and keen on their home comforts, retains an independence, outgoing nature, and self-sufficiency that many dog owners appreciate.

Good health

Jack Russells as a whole tend to be robust, healthy dogs that are very hardy to the vagaries of the weather, and not prone to picking up minor ills or having a lot of health problems. They aren’t really phased by getting scratched by brambles or rough and tumble with other dogs, and so you don’t have to wrap them in cotton wool!

However, like all pedigree dog breeds, the Jack Russell breed as a whole does have a number of hereditary health conditions found within its gene pool, which can affect the quality of life and longevity of individual dogs within the breed.

Choosing a healthy Jack Russell relies upon choosing a responsible breeder, finding out about the health of the breed line and what pre-breeding health tests were performed, and making the right choice based on research and experience of the breed.

Unique temperament

Jack Russells are very lively, active, and bold dogs that aren’t usually phased by bigger dogs in the dog park, and that tend to be right in the thick of it mixing it up with even giant breeds! Their tenacity and determination is something to behold, and whilst this can be a problem in terms of managing their prey drive and preventing digging and behavioural problems, it also adds to their appeal, and is one of their most defining traits.

They are very quick and smart, which can make managing and training them a challenge – but when their enthusiasm and tenacity is channelled in positive directions, they can turn their paws to almost anything. They are often found competing in canine sport, and thrive on having a job to do and something to concentrate on.

All of these factors combined help to ensure that the Jack Russell is one of our most popular dog breeds – and always has been.



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