What to do if your dog refuses to go out to toilet in the rain

What to do if your dog refuses to go out to toilet in the rain

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Most dogs are always ready to go for a walk whatever the weather, and when it is pouring with rain and freezing cold, many of us have wished now and then that our dogs were rather less enthusiastic about it! However on the flipside, some dogs really seem to hate wet weather, and will refuse or make a huge fuss if you try to get them out of the house when the ground is wet or there is rain in the air! This can turn into quite a problem, particularly if you cannot even convince your dog to go outside to do their business.

While with smaller dogs you always have the option of lifting and carrying them out to go to the toilet whether they like it or not, larger and heavier dogs simply need to dig their heels in to refuse to go out, and there is very little that you can do to physically get them outside!

If your dog makes a big fuss about going out in the rain or simply refuses to leave the house, even to go to the toilet, don’t despair. In this article, we will look at what to do if your dog refuses to go out in the rain to do their business, and how to get them moving! Read on to learn more.

Get your dog more comfortable with water in general

Wild dogs and historically, dogs that lived in the wild would have had little choice about spending time outdoors in every type of weather, and this familiarity with water meant that there would have been no chance of any reluctance in the rain! However, when you look at how we keep and care for our dogs today, they rarely come into contact with extreme weather, due to our own preferences for staying inside when it is nasty outside!

While some breeds of dogs such as most spaniels and retrievers really enjoy the water and love a bit of rain, a lack of familiarity with water may be part of what is putting your dog off.

When you first get your dog or puppy, try to get them used to the sensation of rain, walking on wet ground and generally getting wet, such as by taking them out in the odd rain shower or playing with them with the hosepipe. This can make life easier later on!

Encourage them onto wet ground

For some dogs, the rain in the air is what they find off-putting, while for others, it is the feeling of wet ground beneath their paws! If your dog avoids puddles, wet grass and any other damp surfaces, work on encouraging them to associate it with good things, such as by playing with them in the garden when it is wet, or by encouraging them onto wet grass and giving them treats.

Keep your dog moving

When you have got your dog out of the house, don’t put them on the spot to toilet right away- keep them moving and take them for a bit of a walk first, as movement will stimulate their bowels and bladder, and encourage them to do their business. Keeping your dog moving for say, ten minutes before encouraging them to potty will also reduce the chances of them digging their heels in and refusing to move, or running back home!

Keep your dog comfortable

If your dog simply doesn’t like getting wet or the feeling of wet ground under their feet, invest in some kit for them to keep them warm and as dry as possible. A nice waterproof dog coat can make going out in the rain more appealing, and if your dog simply hates wet paws, you might even want to think about getting them a set of booties!

Use a big umbrella

When the rain is really tipping down and prolific, use a large umbrella to take your dog out, and keep your dog under it as much as possible. Taking small steps such as this to keep some of the worst of the weather off your dog may make them feel more comfortable with going out.

Be enthusiastic

If you don’t like the rain and wet weather yourself, your lack of enthusiasm is probably rubbing off on your dog, and they will not be overly keen to go out because you are making it all seem like hard work! Keep your mood bright and upbeat even when the weather is horrible, and make it seem like no big deal to take your dog out to do their business as normal.

Watch your dog for the signs they are ready to do their business

If your dog really really needs to go to the toilet, the chances are that they will eventually agree to go outside, even if only reluctantly! If your dog usually goes out and toilets at the same times, they may be reluctant to go out in the rain, but if you wait an hour or so until they really need to go, they will usually get on with it, and go out willingly and come back in as quickly as possible.

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