What Type Of Owner Is The Right Fit For A Goldador Dog?

If you’re considering buying or adopting a dog, it is important to choose one that is a good match for your personality, lifestyle and family situation, which means doing lots of research into dog types you like the look of to narrow down your options until you find the right fit.

This is often fairly straightforward when it comes to pedigree dog breeds, because they’re a known quantity that share broad norms, which can be determined by reading the breed standards for each type of dog you are interested in.

However, hybrid dog types – deliberate cross breeds – are hugely popular in the UK today too, and often, a hybrid of two different breeds will be the perfect fit for a certain individual owner. Hybrid dog types can also be harder to learn about, because there’s no breed standard in place and a higher level of variance between individual dogs of the type.

Finding out about some hybrid dog breeds when doing your research is a good idea – and might present you with an obvious choice if you can’t choose between two different pedigree breeds. One of the UK’s most versatile large hybrid dog types is the Goldador – and if you are seeking a large dog as your next pet, you might want to consider this as part of your selection process.

In this article we will explain the basics of what a Goldador is, what their temperaments are like, and what sort of owner is the right fit for a dog of this type. Read on to learn more.

What is a Goldador?

A Goldador is a cross breed or hybrid dog type produced from the mating of a golden retriever with a Labrador retriever. Whilst there can often be a lot of variance in terms of the core traits of appearance and temperament that any given hybrid dog possesses, the two parent breeds in this case share a range of common traits that makes it somewhat easier to predict in the Goldador.

Goldadors aren’t pedigree dogs, and can’t be registered with The Kennel Club – but they are very versatile and great company, and a good fit for owners from all walks of life.

How much do Goldadors cost to buy?

The average advertised price of Goldadors for sale in the UK is around £649, which places them within the sort of price range that less expensive pedigree dogs often command. This figure reflects the dog’s large size, versatility and wide appeal.

What do Goldadors look like?

Goldadors are large dogs, weighing in at between 27-36kg and standing between 59-61cm tall at the withers. They have nice proportionate builds, having a well-balanced appearance and long muzzle.

They are quite powerful but gentle with it, and they have kind, expressive faces with an honest expression. They also have soft mouths, which means that they have a fine degree of control over the power of their bite, and can pick up and carry even delicate things in their mouths without damaging them.

The Goldador coat is perhaps the feature that can be the most variable from dog to dog, as Labradors and golden retrievers have very different coat styles. Labradors have uniformly short, single-layered coats, while golden retrievers have long, waved and thick coats with a distinct undercoat too. Goldadors can be seen in a range of colours including black, liver, chocolate, yellow and gold.

One trait that virtually all Goldadors share is that they tend to be fairly heavy shedders, dropping hair around the house all year round and going through a full moult a couple of times a year too.

What sort of personalities do Goldadors have?

Goldadors are hugely personable and friendly dogs that are also very social, and enjoy the company of both other dogs and people. They are generally excellent with children, and very intuitive and able to modify their behaviour to be gentle and unthreatening to people who may be nervous of dogs.

They are energetic, playful and lively, really enjoying playing, running around and learning new skills – and they really excel in this respect, being highly intelligent and very keen to learn things. They love retrieving things, and are often keen swimmers too.

Training the Goldador is a very rewarding experience, because their naturally inquisitive natures, intelligence, and tendency to work hard to please makes them a pleasure to work with.

Both of the Goldador’s two parent breeds have long working histories across a wide range of applications, and so Goldadors too are a great fit for things like canine sport, or work as assistance dogs.

What sort of owner and lifestyle is a good fit for a Goldador?

Goldadors are responsive, adaptive, friendly and lively, which makes them highly appealing for all sorts of owners. Their need for exercise is high, however, and so they do need an active owner that loves to walk and spend time outside doing things with their dog.

They are a viable choice of dog for first time owners who are able to provide for the dog’s need for both exercise and mental stimulation, as well as those who want to train their dog themselves and who may hold out hopes of competing in canine sports, or working with their dog in another role.

Goldadors fit very well into family life, and are usually very happy to join another dog or take up a place in a multi-dog household, and they can also learn to live happily with cats when properly introduced and managed.

Overall, the Goldador is a versatile large dog breed that has a lot to recommend it to owners of all types.

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