What Type of Pet is Right for you?

What Type of Pet is Right for you?

If you are considering getting a pet then you probably already have a good idea which type of pet you want. However before jumping in at the deep end it is advisable to think about the decision in depth so that you find the right pet for you and your family. It isn't uncommon for people to get a pet and then have to give it up only a few months later, this can be for many reasons and if you are aware of them before choosing a pet then it is likely you will make a better decision. One reason for getting a pet is for a child, often children will ask repeatedly for a dog or a pony, but children do not comprehend the responsibility of pet ownership and see the animal more like a toy. This isn't to say it is a bad idea to get your child a pet, because often owning a pet is one way children learn responsibility. At the same time, though, you shouldn't delude yourself into thinking that the child will care for the pet for the rest of it's life, no matter how much they say they will carry out all the chores that comes with a pet. Unfortunately children often lose interest in pets and it may fall on the parent to do the cleaning, feeding and walking of the animal. Also keep in mind how long the pet is likely to live, as if you buy your 9 year old a puppy, which will likely live for over 10 years, then when your child is off to uni or travelling then you will be left with the dog. This is why smaller animals make good pets for children, because hamsters, rats and fish have relatively short lifespans. Cats are also not a bad choice because, unlike dogs, cats are happy to entertain themselves for long periods of time.Another thing to consider is the costs involved with looking after a pet. There are the costs of feeding and vet bills, which will be more the larger the pet you choose. If you have an uncertain financial future, are living in rented accommodation or are considering moving soon, then a cat or dog is a poor choice. Cats are terrible movers and it is better to get a cat if you are in a permanent home. Rabbits and guinea pigs are good animals if you are living in rented accommodation because they can be kept outside or in a garage and therefore will not damage the property in any way.If you try to adopt a dog then you will notice that one of the first things you will be asked is "how long do you work?". This is because dogs love to be around people and need quite a lot of stimulation. If you work long hours then it is unfair to get a young puppy because it will get bored being left all day, and may end up being destructive or make a mess in the house. If it is an option then taking the dog with you to work would solve this or hiring a dog walker if you can afford it. If not then you could adopt an older dog that doesn't need as much exercise and stimulation or a cat. Older people will benefit from a dog's company, because they are very loyal, affectionate and good for alerting or guarding a property. Again older people need to consider how long they think the animal will live, and what would happen to it if they were no longer able to look after it.If you decide to get a puppy then consider how large it will be when fully grown and ask yourself "is the house big enough?", "will it fit in the car?" and "how much grooming will it require?". Smaller dogs are easier to pick up and lift over fences which may be necessary when the dog is older.These considerations should not put you off getting an animal, but ensure you choose the right one in the long term. All different types of pets make loving, fun and entertaining members of the family. The idea of having a beautiful bounding puppy in the family is such an idilic picture, however little puppies turn into big dogs and often reality sets in when you are faced with house-training, shedding fur and vet bills. If you have thought about this in advance then there won't be any nasty surprises down the line and your new pet will become part of the family.

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