What’s it like owning a toy poodle?

What’s it like owning a toy poodle?

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The poodle is one of the most well known and distinctive dog breeds in the world, particularly when dogs of the breed are groomed into a full lion cut complete with pompoms. However, poodles aren’t as common and popular today as they were historically, as the sheer number of different dog breeds that can be found in the UK has been rising steadily for several decades.

Hybrid dog types – non-pedigree dogs – are also hugely popular today too, further taking attention away from pedigree staples like the poodle – but a lot of hybrid dog types incorporate one poodle ancestor, and so the poodle is still a really important and popular breed.

Full pedigree poodles come in three different size variants, being toy, miniature and standard respectively- which further adds to their versatility when it comes to being the right match for different types of owners.

The most popular pedigree poodle breed of all is the toy poodle – the smallest breed variant – and this dog breed is the 29th most popular breed in the UK out of a total of 241 different dog breeds and types.

If you are considering buying a toy poodle or want to find out more about the breed to help you to find the perfect match, this article is for you. We’ll look at the main temperament traits and personalities that the toy poodle possesses, and examine what it’s like to own and live with one. Read on to learn more.

How much do toy poodles cost to buy?

The average advertised price of a pedigree toy poodle for sale is around £938, and for non-pedigrees, around £709. This is towards the higher end of the price scale for small dog breeds, representing the toy poodle’s popularity and versatility in terms of the sort of homes they suit and the types of lifestyles that are a good match for them.

It is relatively easy to find toy poodles for sale up and down the country, but if you want a specific colour or a show-quality dog, you may have to wait a while for the right puppy to come up.

How smart are toy poodles?

Poodles of all sizes are highly intelligent – and the toy poodle is no exception. They’re right at the top of the list of the smartest dog breeds, and are switched on, alert, quick to learn new things.

If you want a really clever dog that has both the conformation and intelligence to take part in canine sport, perform a working role or simply learn lots of commands and maybe tricks, the alert, analytical and intelligent toy poodle is a great pick.

Are toy poodles very energetic?

As well as being very clever, toy poodles are also fairly lively and energetic dogs that like to run around and have fun. They tend to expend their energy in short bursts, however, which makes them reasonably quiet and laid back in the home.

Several interested, varied walks each day with plenty of play and off the lead time, interspersed with training sessions, is a great fit for a toy poodle. They’re small but they’re not lapdogs, and so they still need fun, varied exercise and lots of entertainment, both mental and physical.

Grooming and caring for the poodle coat

One of the main poodle traits that makes them in great demand both in their own right and as part of deliberate hybrid crossings is the poodle coat. A toy poodle’s coat is densely curled and wiry, which means that they shed little to no hair around the house. This makes them a viable potential choice of dog for people who tend to be allergic to pet dander, as they don’t shed hair continually that may trigger allergies.

However, this same trait also means that toy poodles need quite a lot of grooming, to get shed hair out of their coats and prevent knots and matting. Many toy poodle owners arrange regular visits to a dog groomer to have the dog clipped or trimmed into a distinctive style, to enhance the appearance of the coat and make it easier to manage.

Even if your toy poodle is regularly professionally groomed, however, you will still have to commit to brushing and combing them at home in between appointments.

Living with a toy poodle

A toy poodle that is well exercised, properly socialised and correctly trained and managed makes for a great companion, and they are small enough to live comfortably in even smaller homes.

Toy poodles can be excitable but they tend to have a fairly chilled out temperament, not being prone to being destructive within the home. However, they do need lots of mental stimulation, which means providing plenty of toys and periods of play.

Most toy poodles love learning new things, and so regular training sessions to reinforce existing skills and introduce new ones is important.

Toy poodles can be conditioned to spending time on their own at home quite effectively, although like any dog, they should not be left alone all day, nor for too long at a time.

Toy poodles can be a good choice of dog for first time owners as well as experienced dog owners, but it is important to understand that a smart, lively breed like this needs a switched-on and adaptive owner that can provide for all of their needs.



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