What's the Difference Between a Ragdoll and Ragamuffin?

What's the Difference Between a Ragdoll and Ragamuffin?

Both Ragdolls and Ragamuffins are as adorable as they are large pussy cats. These sweet natured felines can often weigh in at 15 lbs and they are pretty similar to look at although they are considered by the Cat Fancier's Association as two very distinct and unique breeds. One of the main differences being in the colour of their coats with Ragamuffins boasting more variations than the Ragdoll.

A Little Background History on the Breeds

Both the Ragdoll and the Ragamuffin are breeds which were developed and their history is intertwined beginning with the Ragdoll. This charming cat first appeared on the scene in the sixties and was bred and developed by a Californian cat breeder called Ann Baker. Her cats and kittens were well known for their kind and affectionate natures with very endearing personalities and so the Ragdoll was born.

However, as the breed became popular, more breeders started producing these adorable felines and this is when a disagreement on which direction the breed should go that the Ragamuffin appeared with some breeders going down one route and other breeders taking another. However, both breeds claim to be the prodigy of the Mother cat whose name was Josephine. This lovely cat would go limp when she was picked up and stroked which is how the name Ragdoll came about.

The Differences in Coat Colours

You'll find that Ragamuffins boast a lot of permitted colour variations which includes a lot of white but excludes pointed colours. The Ragdoll, however, is only pointed which basically means their bodies are lighter in colour than their faces, their legs, tails and ears. With this said, Ragdoll can also have paws and some white up their legs.

According to the Cat Fancier's Association, both breeds boast coats which are described as being medium long and both the Ragdoll and Ragamuffin have plumed tails. The one distinction the CFA makes between the two breed's coats is the fact that a Ragamuffin's does not easily become matted.

The Difference in Their Eyes

There's a marked difference in their eyes too although both breeds have lovely, big eyes. However, the Ragamuffin's eyes are rounder and walnut in shape whereas the Ragdoll has charming oval shaped eyes. When it comes to colour, this too is a distinguishing feature that helps tell the two breeds apart. Ragdolls only have blue eyes whereas a Ragamuffin's eye can be any colour.

Which Breed is the Better Family Pet

When it comes to which breed makes the better family pet, both breeds are adorable with kind and very affectionate natures. With this said, according to the CFA, the Ragamuffin is the better choice of pet for families with young children because of their calm and patient personalities.

The Ragamuffin boasts a very placid nature and is known to be extremely patient especially around other family pets and children. The one thing that makes the Ragamuffin stand out in the feline world, apart from their lovely looks, is the fact they don't really mind if their routine is changed – their truly are very laid-back characters. Ragdolls too have very placid natures much like the Ragamuffin but is not quite as laid-back around children.

Living With a Ragamuffin

Ragamuffins do have a tendency to put on weight which means owners have to carefully monitor their diets. Because they are so laid-back they tend to get a bit lazy which means playing lots of interactive games with them so they stay in good shape. They also boast coats which are a lot easier to maintain although daily brushing is still necessary to avoid their long tresses from getting tangled

Living With a Ragdoll

Again, the breed is known to be very laid-back in nature and as such they do tend to be a little lazy. As such Ragdolls can become overweight if you don't keep an eye on their diet. Like the Ragamuffin, they need to play lots of interactive games to keep them fit, happy and healthy. Coats do need to be brushed daily to avoid and knots or tangles but a quick brush every day is enough to keep your pet looking lovely.


Both the Ragdoll and the Ragmuffin boast an intertwined history but today the CFA recognises each of the breeds as being unique. Characterwise, both breeds are very similar and are known for being very "laid-back" cats to share a home with which is why they are among the most popular breeds on the planet.



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