When Should I Groom my Cat?

When Should I Groom my Cat?

Most cats love to have a cuddle and this includes those cats that are more independent by nature. It could be a five minute thing or something that lasts a little longer as your feline friend cuddles up to you on the sofa in the evening. In short the majority of our feline friends really do enjoy being petted. When it comes to grooming your cat, there are certain things you need to consider, one of which is to take into account how much they like being handled.

Some cats are not that keen on being picked up or messed about with which can be a real issue if you happen to share your home with a long haired moggy. The reason being they tend to leave more hair lying around if you don't brush their coats regularly enough. If you've had your pet since they were kittens, the chances are you don't have a problem grooming them, but if you've recently adopted a cat from a rescue centre, you may find they are not that keen on being brushed. In short, you'll need to be very kind and patient as you teach them the experience is actually quite enjoyable and not something to be frightened of.

Make Grooming Sessions Play Time

If you have offered an older cat a second chance at happiness and find they hide every time you bring a brush out, the best way to get them interested and not scared of being groomed is to make it into more of a game to begin with. The last thing you want to do is force them to do anything and this includes being groomed. It's far better to use the brush as a toy to start off or to wipe off any excess hair that's on the furniture where your cat is sitting or sleeping. Just the motion of the brush going backwards and forwards near them will get them interested enough to take a swipe at it. This is the first step into retraining them that a brush is “fun” and not an instrument of torture.

The hardest part is earning your cat's trust which is something that you just can't rush. In short, it may take a while for them to let you pass a brush through their coats. If you gently rub your cat's fur with the brush turned the wrong way round so the bristles are in the air and not going through their coat to begin with, it's a great way of getting them used to a brush being anywhere near them and there's no chance of snagging any of their hair which could end up scaring them.

Longer haired cats need a brush more often than their shorter coated cousins and ideally this needs to be done daily especially at times of the year when they shed more. A shorter haired pussy cat would need to be brushed twice or three times a week which helps keep their coats looking good and any excess hair off your furniture.

Overweight Cats Find it Harder to Groom Themselves

If your cat is overweight or obese, the chances are they find it a lot harder to groom themselves and keep their coats looking good. The same can be said of pussy cats when they are unwell. If this is the case, they need all the help they can get and tend to find a grooming session very relaxing and enjoyable. As such, it's a good idea to give your cat the once over on a daily basis until they have lost the weight or feeling better and can start grooming themselves again. However, you should still need to groom your pet on a weekly or daily basis depending on the length of their coats even when they are fit and healthy again.

Cats Shed More in the Spring and Autumn

Cats like all most other animals tend to shed more at certain times of the year which is during the spring and then again in the autumn. These are the times when you may find you need to brush your cat's coat more often than usual. It's important to groom them more frequently not only to keep the excess hair off your furniture, but to reduce the risk of your pet developing a hairball.

Some Cats Love it, Others Hate Being Brushed

You may find that your cat adores being brushed, but only for a short while before turning on the brush to attack it (or your hand). If this is the case you have to do as much as you can without stressing your pussy cat out and getting scratched in the process! The best option is to groom your cat when they really need it rather than make them sit through a session they find quite torturous.

On the other hand you may find your pussy cat lies there and loves every moment of being groomed playing nicely every now and again with both your hand and the brush. If this is the case, the more you groom them the stronger the bond you will form with your four-legged companion and as a bonus they will leave less hair lying around.



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