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Where is the best place to put your dog’s bed?

Where is the best place to put your dog’s bed?

Health & Safety

When it comes to dogs, there are few things that they are particularly finicky about-they will often eat some most disgusting things, pee and toilet wherever it suits them, and delight in getting muddy, messy and generally disgusting! However, one thing that dogs do tend to be rather particular about when it comes to their preferences and likes and dislikes is their bed; not only what sort of bed it is and what it is made of, but where you put it.

If your dog seems to take forever to settle down, appears reluctant to go to bed or simply flatly refuses to sleep in their dedicated sleeping spot, the problem might be that your dog’s bed is not in the ideal location, or something about where it is situated is otherwise less than ideal.

If you think that this might be the issue for your own dog, or you otherwise just want to make sure that your dog’s bed is in the best possible place for them, read on for some tips and advice on where to put your dog’s bed, and why.

Somewhere enclosed

Dogs won’t relax unless they feel safe and secure enough in their surroundings to nod off, and this means that they need to feel as if they can close their eyes without fear of being pounced on by an imaginary attacker!

For this reason, dogs generally greatly prefer their beds to be in a corner, so that it is protected on two sides, or even better, under an open staircase, so that it is covered on three sides and has a lower ceiling too! Try to find a nook or cranny in your home where you can set up a snuggly, safe spot for your dog to sleep, and see if they prefer it to your current arrangements!

Somewhere warm and stable

Nobody can sleep comfortably if they are too cold, and the same is of course true for your dog. Your dog’s bed should be somewhere that is warm enough for them to get comfortable without being too chilly, and of course, being too hot is no better and as such, right next to a radiator is not the ideal choice either!

Try to ensure that your dog’s bed is placed somewhere that is warm and comfortable, but that is not right next to a radiator or too close to a fire. Also, bear in mind how the temperature will change at night or when your heating is not on, and consider getting your dog a heat pad if they might otherwise get too chilly!

Not in the middle of a busy area

Dogs like to be involved in all aspects of family life and hate the idea that they are missing out on anything, but also, your dog will not be able to sleep and relax properly if they can never get any shuteye due to the noise, activity or number of people coming by!

This means that a hallway will not usually be a good choice for locating your dog’s bed, but a corner of a casual, relaxed room such as the lounge where everyone sits to chill out might be a good pick.

Try to avoid putting your dog’s bed in the same immediate area that they eat in, as they will associate this area with food and generally, getting excited!

Within earshot of the family

Dogs need peace and quiet to sleep and relax properly, and somewhere that they don’t feel as if they are going to be disturbed and bothered constantly while they are trying to sleep. However, dogs also find it reassuring to go to sleep with the sounds of their family and favourite people around them, and the general background soothing sound of household noise.

If your dog’s bed can be located somewhere that is warm, quiet and secure, that is also just a room or so away from the main family room, this is ideal, but if it’s a tossup between being comfortable or being close by, comfort should always win!

Most dogs enjoy sleeping with their favourite family member in one of the bedrooms, and bedrooms tend to maintain the right ambient sleeping temperature for both dogs and people throughout the night too-however, if you prefer not to allow your dog into the bedroom, or if they simply will not keep off your own beds, this might be a bad idea!

Take your lead from your dog

If you have tried everything suggested to give your dog a warm, comfortable and relaxing sleep spot but they are still unsatisfied with it and will not settle, take your lead from your dog about where their favourite sleeping spot is, and why!

While you may not be able to permit your dog to sleep exactly where they want to at the expense of your own comfort, following your dog’s lead when it comes to putting their bed down may be the path of least resistance!