White cats and superstitions

White cats and superstitions

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When it comes to black cats, most of us can name a whole range of superstitions and legends about them, some of which have historically made black cats reviled and distrusted, and even today leads to black cats being harder to rehome and less popular than their differently-coloured relatives.

However, black cats do not hold a monopoly on colour-related superstitions, and their polar opposite-white cats-also come accompanied by their fair share of superstitions and legends too, although not everyone realises this!

In this article, we will look at some of the superstitions, legends and symbolism that accompanies white cats all across the world, which may be of interest to all cat owners, but particularly those that own white cats. Read on to learn more.

If a white cat crosses your path

Everyone knows that a black cat crossing your path is supposedly bad luck-but what does it mean if a white cat crosses your path?

Superstitions regarding white cats crossing your path can vary from region to region, but generally it is seen as good luck to encounter a white cat on your road, and even more so if you say hello to them and get a positive response from said cat!

White cats in Russia

Russia is one country that has a lot of symbolism regarding cats, where they are one of the most popular and treasured of all pets. Tattoos of cats of various types are prominent in Russian symbolism and culture, as are cats of all types, and some of the most common and widespread legends about white cats hail from Russia.

Black cats are considered to be unlucky in Russia, and you will not find many of them around-but black and white cats and pure white cats are considered to be symbols of good luck.

White cats and good luck

White cats are commonly viewed as a symbol of good luck in many countries, which makes sense when compared to the myths about black cats being unlucky. White cats are also seen as symbols of purity and positivity in many regions too, and white cats with one blue eye even more so!

White cats and bad luck

It might seem counterintuitive, but in some countries, white cats are seen as bad luck or harbingers of trouble, depending on when and how you come across them. Seeing a white cat on your way to work can apparently foretell upcoming unemployment or problems in your job, and seeing a white cat outside at night is considered to be bad luck in many areas too.

White cats and money

In Russia once more, white cats are considered to be good for your wallet, and having a white cat in your home is supposed to bring luck with money, and draw money to you. Being visited in your home by a white cat belonging to someone else is also supposed to be a symbol of money and prosperity coming soon!

However, the opposite is true in the UK; having a white cat enter your home is supposed to be an indication of tough times ahead, and a white cat leaving the house is considered to let the luck out, taking your money with it!

Longhaired white cats

There are even specific legends relating to longhaired white cats in certain countries, including Albania. In Albania, touching a longhaired white cat is considered to be a bad idea, because many people believe that touching a longhaired white cat will make you fat-or alternatively, that it can help you to conceive, which ultimately results in the same change, albeit with greater consequences!

So if you are trying to lose weight, keep away from longhaired white cats-but if you want to get pregnant, seek them out!

Cats and children

One North American superstition states that white cats and babies do not mix, because the white cat may feel threatened by the purity and innocence of the child, and place a curse on them! However, in some of the Mediterranean countries, a white cat showing favour for a child is considered to be an indication that the child will grow up to be a good person and achieve great things.

In England again, dreaming about a white cat or a black and white cat is interpreted as a child on the way or a pregnancy, whilst dreaming about a white cat walking ahead of you indicates that someone close to you needs some direction in their life.

Holding a grudge

In England again, white cats are thought of as being able to hold a grudge for years, and it is considered to be highly imprudent to offend or annoy a white cat! However, showing kindness to a white cat, offering it a saucer of milk or a treat is considered to imbue you with the blessings of the cat, and bring good luck to you for the remainder of your day.



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