Why adopt a pet?

Why adopt a pet?

A pet is for life and not just for Christmas...or so the saying goes. There are thousands of pets that need re-homing every day. Animal rescue centres are full to bursting and many animals have to be put to sleep. Rescue centres do everything they can to prevent this, even moving animals to different towns or using foster carers. That's not to mention the thousands of animals that are advertised on websites on a daily basis. Pets4homes have many animals that need adopting from rescue centres such as Wagtails Rescue and individuals too, visit our pets for adoption page to see all the pets. The most common reasons for re-homing a pet are:

  • Moving home and the pet is not allowed in my new flat
  • Going back to work and I do not have time for my pet
  • It is scared of my children and has hidden for a few days
  • It does not match my carpet or wallpaper
  • My cat/bunny/dog got pregnant when it escaped
  • Children have lost interest in it
  • I can't afford it
  • I am allergic to the pet
  • My son/daughter is allergic to the pet
  • Not getting on with other pets
  • Owner moving abroad
  • Pet scratching furniture, jumping on sofa etc

Most pets need new homes due to a change in their owner's circumstances and not because of behavioural problems. In most cases, the owner genuinely does not want to give up their pet, and will do anything to give their animal a better life. Of course, there are people on the other end of the scale too. Those who do not care about their pets and pets with behavioural problems. Ensure you read the for sale advert carefully, speak to the person who wants to re-home the pet and visit them. Be wary if the pet is offered free to a good home or the owner says they need to get rid as soon as possible. If the pet has not been taken care of, it will cost you more in flea treatment, worming, neutering, spaying and vet bills. This often happens if taking a free kitten. It could actually cost you over £100 in the end. However, you could be rescuing a pet from a bad situation. We have many rescue centres who advertise on Pets4Homes. Rescue centres tend to spay or neuter the dog/cat or rabbit, flea and worm them before re-homing. They will also know a bit about the animal's history and temperament. Rescues tend to know if the animal can live with other cats and dogs, be left alone for short periods and how well trained they are.

Reasons for adopting

If you are looking for an older dog or cat, then adopting is for you. Older cats and dogs are easier to care for and are usually calm. It is much easier to care for a toilet-trained dog. Any new pet will need more care and attention so that you can both get to know each other and form a trusting bond. The adopted pet will be grateful for its new home, especially if it has come from a rescue centre. Why buy from a breeder when there are so many pets needing homes?An adopted cat, whether from a rescue home or not, will seem to appreciate its new home and owner and will thrive on the attention. I remember when I adopted two rescue cats from the RSPCA Stubbington Ark. On their first evening in their new home, they ran upstairs and waited for me to go to bed. I saw their excited faces and pricked up ears peering down at me and realised they must have been used to sleeping on beds. They were so excited and their purring kept me awake for a long time. They were seven years old when they come home with me and lived for another nine, so adopting an older pet will still give you years of joy. Another very important reason for adopting is you could be saving a life. Re-homing a pet is the most rewarding experience you could have.

Dogs for Adoption

We currently have over 50 pages of dogs for adoption and a mixture of breeds and ages. Some are from the R.A.I.N dog and cat rescue centres, Allsorts Dog Rescue, and Rescue Remedies. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most common dog found in rescue centres, yet people still breed them for money. Pure breed dogs are becoming more common than mongrels in rescue centres.

Cats and kittens

Kittens and puppies need a lot of extra care and more time for training, playing and cleaning. If you have plenty of time and want to care for a kitten or puppy, then why not go for it? Choose one that needs re-homing either from a rescue centre such as Fur and Feathers Animal Sanctuary, a non- profit rescue who advertise on the Cats for Adoption pages or from an individual who needs to find a new home for a kitten.


Rabbits are often housed in hutches that are too small for them. They need a run and lots of attention. It's a pet that is often purchased for children, unfortunately it is common for kids to get bored and neglect them. Rabbits can get fly strike if they are not kept clean, and problems with teeth and claws if they are not trimmed. There are hundreds of rabbits that need to be re-homed and hundreds of people breeding rabbits. There was recently a case of eighty rabbits that needed new homes, because the owner did not get them spayed or neutered. Luckily, they were all re-homed. Check out the rescue advertisements on the link by clicking the title. We often have some from Warwickshire Animals SOS re-homing centre on our rabbits for adoption pages.


Pets4homes have loads of mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas that need forever homes.Do think about adopting, before purchasing a pet from a breeder. Think about the good you will do and you might be saving a life. Please don't forget to neuter or spay your pet - just in case.

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