Why are Black Pugs so Popular?

Why are Black Pugs so Popular?

Breed Facts

Pugs are an adorable breed that over time have proved to be among the most popular not only in the UK, but elsewhere in the world too. There is a good reason for their popularity, Pugs are delightful characters with clown-like looks and personalities to match. They come in a variety of colours all of which are lovely, but black Pugs seem to be the most popular and have been for a very long time even though sharing a home with brindle Pug is just as much fun. So why are black Pugs so very popular? Here are a few reasons why.

Lady Brassey was a Big Fan

Pugs are an ancient breed although their actual origins remain a bit of mystery. With this said, Lady Brassey was the first person to introduce a pair of black Pugs into the country when she returned home from China in 1854. She began a breeding programme which she promoted for decades, improving the breed which made black Pugs extremely popular thereafter with royalty and nobles alike.

The Favourite of Royals

Black Pugs have always been highly prized companions of nobles and royals which includes China's ruling classes with legends of them being their much favoured companions in centuries past. Although, there is no real proof of this, what is known is that black Pugs have always been popular with Kings and Queens as well as Emperors and Empresses for a very long time. Black Pugs have been depicted in many paintings with nobles and royalty having these little dogs at their sides for future generations to enjoy.

There is a story of a loyal black Pug saving their master from being assassinated during the time of the House of Orange which saw them becoming their official dog. Queen Victoria was a huge fan of black Pugs and always had several of them around during her reign accompanying her everywhere she went.

Pugs Enjoy a Long Lifespan

It is not only black Pugs that enjoy long lifespans because all Pugs do, but it is another reason why the breed is one of the most popular on the planet. With this said, they are known to be prone to putting on too much weight because Pugs are known to like their food a little too much and if not given the right amount of daily exercise, they can plough on the pounds all too easily. In short, it's important to feed a Pug an appropriate diet and to give them the right amount of exercise every day to prevent them from turning into couch potatoes.

Interesting Facts About Pugs

Interestingly, Pugs were quite different looking back in the 18th and 19th centuries which can clearly be seen in the many paintings of them. They had longer noses and legs back then and it was due to selective breeding in Pugs that were imported into the country from China in the eighteen hundreds that led to Pugs looking like the dogs we see today.


Black Pugs are delightful looking dogs, but so are other coloured Pugs too thanks to their wonderful and fun-loving personalities. With this said, Pugs with their black coats that always have a real sheen to them, have remained firm favourites with people and nobles throughout the ages and the trend continues today.



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