Why Do Cats Love Boxes so Much?

Why Do Cats Love Boxes so Much?


Sharing a home with a feline friend is very rewarding. Cats bring a lot of pleasure into their owners lives with all their antics and there's nothing people won't do to keep their pets happy and content. After all most owners realise it's their cats who actually rule the roost in the household!

There are some brilliant cat toys and furniture available some of which are quite expensive although very worthwhile if they keep cats happy. However, most cat owners soon realise that often it's the cardboard box a larger toy that is often more interesting to their feline companions than the toy itself! So, why do cats love cardboard boxes so much?

People who make a living studying cat behaviour have come up with quite a few reasons why our feline friends like boxes so much some of which have to do with how cats cope with things and this includes situations they may find stressful.

Coping With Stress

Cats love to hide in boxes for all sorts of reasons, one of which could be that it's their way of dealing with something or a situation they find a bit stressful. They could also hide in a box because they feel they are in danger or in trouble. Retreating into the safe haven of a cardboard box that's nice and enclosed gives a cat the feeling of security and the best part is they can watch what's going on outside the box while at the same time staying nicely hidden away!

Hiding in Boxes Reduces Stress Levels

Research has shown that being able to hide in a cardboard box actually helps reduce a cat's stress levels. As such cat behaviourists recommend that people who introduce a new cat into their home should place boxes around the place for their new pet to hide in when they want to. The reason being that this provides cats somewhere they feel safe and secure. The result is that when cats are allowed to snuggle away I boxes, they settle in a lot faster than cats that are not given this option.

A Lovely Warm Environment

Cats love anywhere that's warm and cosy, they are masters when it comes to finding the cosiest places around the home where they can sleep the day away. A cardboard box provides our feline companions with a gorgeously cosy and warm place to snuggle up in when they feel like it.

The normal body temperature of a cat is quite a bit higher than that of humans and ranges from anything between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees which means they like the ambient temperature around them to be higher than most people do. A cardboard box offers them a near perfect environment that's super well insulated to boot!

Cats Love Playing in Boxes

Apart from all the security and cosiness a box offers a cat, they also can't resist diving into them when the mood takes them. Cats love playing with and in boxes and there's nothing they like more than chasing after a favourite toy when it's thrown into a box for them!

It's also very amusing watching two cats playing in one box, especially if you have cut a few holes in the side for them to poke their paws through. You don't need to invest in expensive toys to keep your cats happy because a cardboard box will keep them amused for days – until the box collapses that is.

Where You Should Set Up Your Boxes

According to a recent study into cat behaviour, the best way to set up a cardboard box for your cat to hide or sleep in, is to put it a few feet away from a wall with the opening of the box facing the wall and away from any doors or windows. Like this your feline friend can get in and out easily while at the same time feeling nice and safe when inside.

Studies also show that boxes help cats that stress out when their owner are not around and they should have lots of them placed around the home. If they can tuck themselves away in a box it relieves their anxiety at being left on their own. By leaving a blanket or a t-shirt that has your scent on it in the box this also helps reduce any anxiety your pet might be feeling when you're not around.


Cats love boxes because they provide them with a wonderfully warm and cosy place to hide away in, but they also adore playing in them too. If you have decided to share your home with a new cat, by leaving a box or two in the area they are allowed to be in when you first bring them home, research has shown that it will help them settle in that much faster. However, before you place any boxes around the home for your cat, you need to make sure all the tape and any staples have been removed first!



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