Why Do Some Cats Turn Aggressive?

Why Do Some Cats Turn Aggressive?

We all think of our feline friends as independent yet loving creatures with many animal lovers preferring to own a cat rather than a dog for these reasons. However, some cats have a tendency to show aggression not only towards other animals but to people too, including their owners! This type of behaviour can be really frustrating but what many people forget is that a cat bite can be very dangerous too!

Although our lovely furry feline friend, the domestic cat is typically a sweet natured little creature, in truth cats are still powerful predators and as such they are equipped with all the right tools, i.e. sharp teeth, sharp claws and a cunning instinct to hunt their prey extremely effectively.

Aggression in Cats Explained

When it comes to aggression, it is in fact an important survival skill that all cats need in the wild. It is a trait that has helped wild cats survive for centuries in their native habitats and as such it would be fair to say that cats are programmed to be aggressive so they can defend themselves when they feel the need to. With this said, if a cat shows aggression for no apparent reason – the chances are there is something wrong which could be the cat is injured, in pain or feeling anxious and very distressed about something.

However, if a cat is able to get away from a confrontation with another animal or human, they will run rather than have to stand and fight, although an aggressive character will always stand their ground – very often being quite successful, even against a dog. Cats are clever creatures and have a great sense of self preservation which means they try to avoid fight injuries as much as possible but they will fight if they have to.

What to do if Your Cat Suddenly Turns Aggressive

If you suddenly find that your beloved and usually loving moggy suddenly turns aggressive towards you – the chances are there is something very wrong with them. You should never show any aggression to your cat even if they look like they want to attack you. Shouting at them will only make matters worse especially if your pet is in pain, frightened or sick. If you are aggressive towards them, you might just end up chasing them away before you can find out what's going on that is making them act this way.

Reasons Why Your Cat Might be Showing Aggression

There are many reasons why a cat might suddenly turn aggressive towards their owners and other pets in the home. If your pet hisses and spits at you when you go near them, there is something wrong. If when you try to touch them, pick them up or even go near them, they groan and attempt to claw or bite you it is far better to leave them well alone so you don't get bitten. However, it is crucial that you find out what is wrong with your pet so the best thing to do is to put on some thick gloves and use a towel to wrap your pet in when you attempt to pick them up so they can be put in their cat carriers and taken to the vet as soon as possible.

Cat Bites Can Cause a Serious Infection

Although many owners might occasionally get a little playful nip from their pets when they are playing an interactive game together and never pay much attention to the injury, some cat bites can turn very nasty indeed. The problem is that a bite from a cat makes a tiny puncture wound which typically closes up quite fast. The result is that a lot of bacteria gets trapped inside the wound where it can start to fester and cause a very serious infection.

Recent studies on cat bites however, have shown that even a little nip can turn into a rather nasty wound in a relatively short space of time. The research showed that bacteria can be injected by a cat's sharp teeth deep into a person's joint and skin tissue which is the perfect environment for the bacteria to breed which results in a serious infection. These studies strongly recommend that any cat owner who is bitten or nipped by their cat, whether because they were being aggressive or playful, should treat the wound seriously, no matter how insignificant the bite might appear to be.

What to do if Your Cat is Aggressive Towards Other Cats

If you find that one of your cats suddenly turns on your other cat and they start to fight continuously, this type of aggressive behaviour can cause quite a problem in what used to be a nice quite home environment. Very often aggression between cats rears its ugly head because of fear or it could be a territorial issue which you would need to sort out as best you can but without putting yourself in-between the cats when they are having a spat.

The first thing you have to do is make sure the aggressive cat is not in pain or injured in any way which means a trip to the vet could be in order. Once you've established there is nothing physically wrong with your pet the next stage is to find out why they are suddenly being aggressive to your other cat. Sometimes it is just because a routine has been changed, which is something cats hate. If necessary, you might just have to wait to see if things go back to normal but if they don't, you should seek the help of an expert - namely a feline behaviourist.


If your cat is a strong and sometimes aggressive character or maybe they don't like being stroked too much, too often, you need to be very careful of any bites even if they are accidental. Cat bites can turn nasty very quickly, causing a serious infection even if they look pretty benigh to the naked eye. If the bite starts to look a little inflamed and there is a slight swelling, you would need to have the bite treated by a doctor as soon as you can. If you have two cats and they suddenly start fighting with each other, it's never a good idea to get inbetween the two of them, just in case you get bitten. Cats that are normally kind by nature but if they suddenly turn aggressive, they might be feeling under the weather, they could be injured and in pain so you would need to get them to the vet as soon as you can to have them checked out.

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