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Why Dogs Love To Chew So Much

Why Dogs Love To Chew So Much

Pet Psychology

Dogs are never happier than when they have a chewy toy to play with and the great news is that not only does chewing really help keep their teeth nice and healthy, it relieves boredom and anxiety too. According to people “in the know” chewing on safe toys helps a dog feel good, and the reason is that chewing releases endorphins from a dog's brain which are the “feel good” chemicals we all have in our bodies.

Going out for a lovely long walk with your dog gives you both that wonderful a “feel good” factor but, there are times when you are either too busy or maybe need a little down time, and the best thing you can give your dog is something to chew on – it will keep them busy but more importantly, chewing on their toy will make them feel great even if you are not around or too busy to play with them.

Puppies & Chewy Toys a Great Combination

Puppies tend to get bored very quickly and if you don't have time to keep them busy, occupied and out of trouble, they will get up to all sorts of mischievous things. Give a puppy a great chewy toy and it will keep them happy and content for hours. The same goes for high energy, active canines if they have to be left on their own for any length of time – a couple of interesting chews will keep them happy until your return.

Lots of Different Good Quality Chews

There are loads of good quality dog chews on the market these days, so you can find a few your dog really likes. Rawhide chews can be purchased from most pet shops as well as supermarkets. They come in all shapes and sizes from rawhide bones to stick twists and other great shapes in between. Made from animal skin, rawhide chews are great for medium to small dogs but not so good for large dogs. This is because larger dogs can bite off bigger pieces if the rawhide gets too dry or brittle. These larger pieces when they're ingested whole can cause digestive problems and blockages.

Dogs chews made out of rubber are great and there are some wonderful shapes and sizes around. The rubber is moulded and sometimes, there's a treat in the centre of them. Dogs adore these chewy toys and will spend hours playing with them so they can get to the treat. For dogs, the feel good factor is even better when there's a reward at the end of the game.

One of the best dog chews on the market today are deer antlers. Although relatively new on the scene, these are superb natural chews for dogs to gnaw on and the best part is they last for a very long time. The other advantage is they are full of all the right minerals a dog needs to stay healthy. Deer antler chews don't have that nasty smell some chews have either. Dogs love them so much, they go back to them again and again. As with all chews, they keep a dog's teeth in great condition too.

Giving Dogs Chews Keeps Them Happy

Many rescue dogs living in shelters and centres are offered dog chews because of the value they get out of them and because they have to spend so much of the day on their own. Chewing relieves the stress and anxiety they may be feeling, it keeps them busy, giving a little of that “feel good” factor when they need it most. If you have to go out and leave your dog for long periods of time during the day, the best toy you can give them is a chewy one, they will love it and gnaw on it to their hearts delight.

An Affordable Solution to Dog Boredom

Dog chews are the greatest solution to those times of boredom in a dog's life. Many owners have to go out to work during the day which means their pets often get left at home for hours. Many people employ the services of dog walkers to take their pets out at lunchtime or in the afternoon, not only to relieve their boredom but to get some needed exercise too.

However, for those hours in between, there's nothing better than a favourite chew for your pooch to nibble on to keep them happy and content. The best part is that even good quality dog chews are affordable, so you can always have a good supply of them handy for when you have to go out and leave your beloved pooch at home on their own.

Some Dog Chews Are Best Avoided

However, there are certain chews which are a health risk to dogs and this includes any that are made out of leather or any sort of fabric. Dogs cannot digest a lot of materials properly which means they could end up causing a blockage in their intestines. This includes soft toys which may appear to be a great idea for a dog to play with, but in truth they could be quite dangerous for your pet to chew on and swallow.


We all like to know our dogs are happy and healthy even if we can't spend as much time with them as we want to, which is why it's important to make sure they have things they love to chew on when you're not around. Dogs love to be entertained, they adore going out for nice long energetic walks and they are never happier than when they are interacting with their owners. However, for the times you're not with your best friend, you too can have the feel good factor of knowing they have their favourite dog chews to gnaw on.